First day of December..Angel advent

o last night was interesting. My friend and I enjoyed the bottle of champagne that the lovely peeps from Nicola Jane had given me and were expecting to be joined by my Bear and his work wife (‘Bootface’ as he is better known at home- they have a long standing bromance that me and his wife have to accpet!) feeling very tired at midnight Bear finally falls through the front door and is sharply put to bed. Followed by his friend at 2am! The stinkers… well it is only once a year I guess that we have birthdays so it is allowed. Ha ha!

Needless to say today I am tired. My friend joined me for meditation, yoga and juicing. It’s so interesting how many people are interested in the new rituals and ‘me’ despite them not having canSer they can see the benefits on an every day basis. We decided to watch rugby and eat hearty vegan food all day. We didn’t leave the house once and spent the day in our ‘slob outs’ as I call them. Great day.. 🙂

When we were in Germany recently the Angel lady gave us an advent calendar. Well today was day one and behind the door was an angel to hang on the Christmas tree! I love this advent calendar- who needs choccies?! So very thoughtful and I get to keep them. (I think the girls in Pete’s office would argue that they have the best advent calendar ever. We bought them one which has cosmetics and makeup accessroies behind each door!) On the advent calendar it says, ‘ Friends are like angels that help us to our feet when our wings have forgotten how to fly’. How so very true and such a beautiful way of putting it.

I must admit now Christmas is coming the urge to try mince pies is hard… but I will not crack!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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