Fit to Fly?

Phew what an early start I had today. As you’ve guessed it sleep is highly important to me. I can’t get enough. I love being curled up all warm and cosy therefore getting up at 6am hurts me. It was only me that wanted to get up at 6am. I had a Skype meeting booked for 10am and in order not to miss my rituals then I had to get up early. I also know that I will feel great all day in the knowledge that I made the effort and didn’t miss any of the all important rituals that make me feel great.

As mentioned I had a Skype meeting with a fellow student as we are practising doing health consultations with each other before we are let loose on the public! (I want to do one of those ‘Wa ha ha’ laughs… you know the ones that sound all scary? – I’m not sure why?!)

It was lovely meeting a fellow student. We have a lot in common. To be honest I am finding that the majority of the people on the health coaching course are like minded and therefore have similar needs and goals. It’s quite liberating and aspiring to be part of that community.

Star Student!

As part of the course we have to do a test every quarter. I have just successfully passed my first one! Yay. 28/30.. That’ll do nicely.

After the Skype meeting I got on my way for my pranic healing appointment. As usual it was very relaxing and I feel spurred on by Les, the healer. He says that everything seems very good still and encouraged me by saying that I do a lot of cleansing and detoxing, including my diet, enemas, salt baths, and meditation and so on.  He says things like, ‘you won’t be on chemo for much longer’ and so on. Those sorts of comments ring in my ears. I feel that’s a very confident comment to make. However I will happily carry that with me, being a canSer survivor you have to keep positive and believe, and that is what I base my life on at the moment. I have never felt so ‘normal’. I feel inspired and excited by the future and can’t wait to learn more and help others.

Straight after my treatment I drove to the hospital and had my bloods taken in preparation for chemo on Thursday. As I am going to be away next week I will be taking chemo with me. It’s not ideal but I think I can smash it! I feel awesome. I have no doubt I can deal with it.


I am getting a little further forward with booking to go Switzerland for treatment for GcMAF. They have finally confirmed dates but I need to get a ‘fit to fly’ certificate as apparently some patients have lied about how long they have to live and if they were to die in the clinic then it would be shut down. Understandably really! I guess there will always be people who try to tell fibs when their life is at risk. I guess I will be contacting my doctor tomorrow to sort that out. And no doubt they will charge me for it! The NHS has to make money somehow.

So my week is flying by, I am feeling great and am chomping at the bit for things to happen. Of course I have a CT scan looming this Friday. I remain positive and upbeat. No point in worrying about what might not happen. Still if how I am feeling and looking is anything to go by the results should be good. If it’s not then… Nah.. No point even thinking or discussing it. Till tomorrow when I will have more things to be happy and grateful for.



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