Flapjacks are calling my name!

Every morning this week I have been getting up later than usual and doing meditation, yoga and exercise with my mum. We have been trying meditation with chanting. I actually quite like the repetitive chants and have found I feel quite grounded and alert after them. It’s nice having someone to do it with also.

Yesterday I had clients all afternoon but in the small time frame beforehand I decided to get my healthy cookbooks and experiment with some recipes. We baked some healthy seeded flapjacks made with nuts, dates and agave. Obviously I try not to have any sugar where possible but these looked so good I had to give them a go. In future I will try altering the recipe and add stevia and fewer dates. But at least it is all natural products. We made loads of them and now they just keep calling my name! Ha ha. I also made almond butter. It’s very tasty and a great alternative for me as I do lack things to spread on ryvita or rye bread.

I have seen a lot of research in the last few days of some really positive news on treating triple negative breast cancer of all stages. It seems they are finding that TNBC is very treatable with chemotherapy of different kinds but also that the fixing the faulty DNA is also a great solution.

I have also been hearing a lot about Heidelberg in Germany. Pete and I visited there for a day in June. Pete seems drawn to it. Then on holiday a friend mentioned that her friend was going therefore alternative cancer treatment. So me being me I decided that was enough to look into it further especially when Pete sent me an article on a guy who was told he couldn’t be treated or have surgery by the NHS because the prostate cancer he had was so entwined that they couldn’t operate. He paid £4000 and had the surgery in Heidelberg and he is now cancer free! The website seems to have a lot of information and expertise in treating many kinds of cancers and I can send my medical information along and they will advise me if they can treat me or not. I am not suggesting that treatment I have had recently with Dr Nesselhut isn’t working or that the next step in a few weeks time there isn’t going to work. Quite the opposite. I have a really good feeling about it but it doesn’t hurt to keep my options open. I think when I go to see Dr Nesselhut next I will ask him what he thinks about Heidelberg and their clinics. It gives me more hope though. I think I will fire Professor Harris an email and see what his thoughts are.. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

I have also been sent some info from my friend Wayne who has lung cancer who has seen some really interesting information on photodynamic therapy. This is already featured on my website but I was advised that it was something I couldn’t have here but on reading the article Wayne sent me it could be something worth investigating further. I was told that I had so many tumours that they were so small and too close to airways that it could be dangerous but I think this is worth investigating further also. I now don’t have any in my lymph nodes and the ones in my lungs are so small that it could be a good time to get rid of it?

Mum, Pete and I went out for a cheeky mid weeky meal last night to a local pub. Boy, I find it hard trying to eat vegetarian let alone vegan in so many restaurants. It was also a struggle initially not having an alcoholic beverage. But by not having any by the time I got home I felt really good about myself and know I just don’t need it. Good thing really considering I am now going to be tee total for at least forty days.

I received my herbal remedy from Brazil yesterday with a message from John of God in it. He said ‘Having been a gem miner, I have learned that in order for a precious stone to show its true beauty, it must first suffer the process of refinement, likewise each child, a rare diamond of creation, must be polished in order to realise their superior destination.

Great suffering is generated as consequence of the world going through great transformation. In the midst of this, the ability to sustain our lives and strengths must reside in our trust in the Supreme Being who is God.

Finally I leave you with the words of Christ in the gospel of john (ch.15 v.12) ‘This is my commandment: Love another as I have loved you’.

The remedy is passiflora which is passionflower. I have taken this information from a website;

Passiflora is the perfect herb for nourishing the nervous system, working gently and safely to reduce anxiety.

Many people find the pace of modern life extraordinarily fast, throwing up continual challenges as to how to cope with the continual demands on their physical, emotional and mental resources. This brings up the need for remedies that can soothe and strengthen the nervous system and spare the adrenal glands.

Passiflora is the perfect herb for nourishing the nervous system, working gently and safely to reduce anxiety. Instead of sedating the nerves, which can cause other effects such as drowsiness and a feeling of being disconnected, Passiflora reduces levels of anxiety in the body. This makes it easier to deal with everyday situations that would otherwise be draining.

Passiflora works on the physical body, relaxing muscles to reduce tension and that unpleasant knotted sensation that brings your shoulders up round your ears when you’re tired or stressed! It also works on the emotional symptoms of stress, lessening the feeling of being on edge with a nervous system that’s continually jangling. Keeping things calmer during the day means that the body finds it easier to switch off at night, allowing a more peaceful sleep that will refresh all the systems for the morning. This is extremely important because the restorative action of sleep, both physical and mental, makes the body better able to deal with the demands of the next day. Not sleeping well makes everything far harder to deal with.

Taking this remedy for stress or nervous anxiety and tension is extremely easy because it has no contraindications or side effects. It won’t create physical dependency and doesn’t cause drowsiness or problems with concentration. In fact, as it promotes better sleep, it may increase energy and improve memory and mental focus.

Much of the strain of dealing with on-going pressures can be reduced if you have more confidence in your ability to cope, and this feeling is promoted by seemingly small improvements in areas such as memory and concentration, which come from a better nourished nervous system and more refreshing sleep.

I am sitting here smiling, thinking John of God is a genius. It makes so much sense to prescribe this following his treatments. Anyone going to see him or receive healing is clearly worried and under immense stress or else they wouldn’t want or need healing. I also understand now the need to remove alcohol. I am not too sure why chilli has to be removed but can only imagine that it inflames the body and disturbs sleep.

Well I have a big tub of the remedy and I will add it to my daily supplements.

The week is flying by and mum is going tomorrow… Well maybe… I may just twist her arm to stay another night…



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