Flowing like a river with a butler Bear looking after me!

This weekend has been beautiful. Beautiful weather- blue skies, cold air and all the trees looking colourful. But despite the lovely weather conditions I could have been out walking I decided that I was going to make the most of my time to snuffle up to the big Bear in front of the TV. I love Autumn. It means lots of rugby. Now don’t get me confused as a sports fan. It’s purely a spectator sport! Ha ha! (Big boys and their legs!) As well that there has been so many reality tv shows on that ‘One’ must watch and catch up on. And then there was Remembrance Sunday.

We watch it every year either on TV or at a ceremony somewhere. And every year I feel so humbled and so very proud. We as a nation -rock! We wouldn’t  be here if all those amazing people hadn’t given their lives so freely. Tears, heart warming and shoulders- back proud! Thank you!

I am noticing the more I get on with living the less I worry about myself. I have to admit that bodily aches and twinges do get me reeling and worrying but only for a short time. With the Louise Hay book I have read I am really believing that anything is possible and that the route of my illness is a combination of so many factors. I have addressed the toxicity of my lifestyle and diet and now I am working on the toxicity of my personality and past. I didn’t think I had any issues or past regrets but maybe I do.

On Saturday when I was doing my spot of yoga a really odd thing happened. Thoughts popped into my head about my life and I started crying. Not a sad cry, just a ‘releasing’ cry. It was so cathartic. And as the day wore on thoughts kept going round and I did a little EFT on myself to see if I could get to the route of it. I felt better but all day a point in my chest hurt. Now me being me thinks, ‘OMG is this anything to do with canSer?’ But when I rubbed it I realised it was the ‘sore spot’ that is used in EFT. The ‘sore spot’ is close to the lung meridien in Chinese medicine which is associated with ‘letting go’ I have since found out. I find that so enlightening. The pain wouldn’t subside for ages, well, until we went to our friends and we had a proper little giggle.

Was craving eggs, bacon and bread today.. so I did it. I had some. It was lush! I don’t want any more but I really enjoyed. Once upon a time, not long ago, I would have felt guilty about not eating everything correctly, and having pver done it with alcohol (two weekends on the trot) and not exercising enough or doing the correct sort of exercise and not getting enough done..BUT I don’t feel like that any more. I am flowing like a river and i realise that I am doing the best I can do and the decisions I make are the right ones for this moment in time.

The best decision I made this weekend was tucking myself up on the sofa with the fire going and a ‘Butler’ Bear bringing me food and drink! The best home made stews and soups all weekend. Mmmm.

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