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This morning I did another coffee enema… This time I decided I would use less coffee as the last time I felt too wired. Maybe I went too far the other way? I didn’t have any buzzing effect at all and actually the liquid looked a bit clear. So next time I will go half way between and get it right. It was a success though and as for clearing out the bowels wow. This time it had a very clearing effect!

I’ve been thinking a lot about family recently what with the young royals having their first baby yesterday… Families are funny things. I am not terribly close to mine. In fact so casual am I to some of my immediate family they may as well be distant relatives. I must be that prevalent in their mind that even my dad forgot my birthday this year. Ho hum. I don’t take it to heart. It’s just a shame that that we weren’t bought up with family values being an important element for us. If I could have my own little family this would be different. I would bring my kids up to want to be around all the time, Christmases, Sunday afternoons and definitely birthdays. I decided to ring my dad today seeing as I hadn’t spoken to him since before my birthday sometime I can’t remember when. It was always nice to catch up, but we don’t really have much to say. But then who does? I’m closer to my mum than my dad. I like chatting girly stuff and visiting when I can. I love it when she comes to stay too as she is quite content pottering around. I like asking for gardening advice and doing things her way… Her house always seems to be cosy just like I remember when I was growing up…. J

I’ve been following quite a lot of nutritional bods on twitter and facebook recently. Francesca’s Fit Kitchen (, Polly’s Path ( and Nics Nutrition ( to name just a few. I feel the daily input helps me stay motivated and gosh, there are a lot of healthy people out there!

I’m considering having more green juices through the day. At the moment is the perfect time for it as it’s hot and sticky. People need to keep their fluids up much more. The problem is that I don’t like the taste that much and it has quite an effect on my digestive system so to speak! That’s why since I first started last July I haven’t had many juices throughout the day. I’d need to stay near the loo! Had a few tweets from Francesca Fox today and she would like me to keep a diary of my diet. I could really do with some guidance. I am stoked!

I’ve had acupuncture today and I really like my new acupuncturist. It’s totally different from before but I feel instantly relaxed when I get there. The therapist energy is so calming. She worked a lot around my lower legs and feet today. The right side felt much more sensitive than the left. I felt my legs buzzing too. Oo it’s exciting. I generally feel great. Another three weeks till my next session. I love having therapy! Ha ha! I need it.

Only two weeks away from my next CT scan. In fact it’s the day after I get back from holiday. Gulp…. In my head I no longer have canSer. I honestly keep imagining the day they say to me there is no sign of disease… or spontaneous remission (Yeah right, we know that means they won’t give me credit for it going! But who cares…) if only that day would come true! I am Miss Impatient! Be thankful what I have got…. remember, remember, remember……

I have an exciting day tomorrow. I visit HD brows head office for a day’s training to be a HD brow pro. Not sure what I am going to learn but like a good girl I have done my homework of five case studies. Actually I have done more than was asked (Didn’t you hate people like me when you were in school?! J) I have an early start so another early night tonight. When don’t I have an early night?

Ciao for now!

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