Food for thought!

This week I decided I would find some recipes with certain ingredients in mind. There are so many super foods and having a cupboard full of wonder herbs and powders I thought it was about time I actually tried using them. I am not a natural cook and with a little help from my mum we made simple things that I can pick at. This isn’t all for me. I am trying to convert people (maybe someone beginning with P) from eating processed sugars as much as possible. There are so many better alternatives. So we whipped up almond butter and lucuma cacao cups and cinnamon apple crisps. The more I try and cut out sweet things the more I want them. So I figure make them as healthy as possible then I can have a pick here and there. Yesterday we made my mums famous Dorset apple cake but with alternatives to the usual ingredients. We exchanged the flour for a gluten free version, goats butter, almond milk and coconut palm sugar. It may not look amazing but it tasted really good!


I now want to make some alternatives for breakfast and will be attempting to make buckwheat granola with goji berries, dried coconut, and other little gems. For dessert I have made cacao coconut and vanilla chia seed pudding. It can be eaten cold or warm and is so filling and full of protein.

My repertoire is expanding and I am becoming slightly more adventurous. The problem is now I have a kitchen full of goodies! Eek!

I’m off to have the RGCC blood test tomorrow and I don’t want to be caught hungry so will be taking goodies in the car to keep mum and I going.  A kind of car picnic… yummy.

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