Frustrating start to the day but I got there in the end…

Phew what a mental day… I had a really early start as I was first in line to see Prof Harris today. I wasn’t sure why I had yet another appointment but all the same I got up to battle the elements. It frustratingly took an hour and half to go a twenty minute journey…Argh! I’m not sure how I am ever going to learn patience. It was all good though seeing the Prof wearing his leopard print tie! It cheered me up no end.

It was good seeing him and he explained that if I can take more chemo then it could be beneficial which is why he upped the dosage. He said if I start to feel rough or my bloods come back depleted then we will reduce it down again. Touching everything wood… I feel great.

The only downside to having early appointments is that I don’t have time to do my morning rituals. Now I know I could get up earlier but last night was such a good night’s sleep. Sigh… we both agreed this morning how good it was. One of those really deep calm sleeps. I put it down to the evening we had yesterday. We had a light meal, a bath listening to some soulful Eva Cassidy then got to bed really early and lights were out by 9.30pm. Bliss. I highly recommend trying to wind down in the evenings before you need to sleep. They say if you fall asleep within 5 minutes of turning off the lights you are sleep deprived.

The rest of the day has also been challenging with annoying phone calls to companies and trying to get things done like home insurance quotes. All necessary things when watching the pennies.

In the midst of all this I have had some great communications with people that have been reading my blog and are offering me advice and further links to more research as well emails from companies who supply products that I am interested in using for my clients; such things as supplements. As I am training to be a health coach and as I use products regularly I can only highly recommend that others do the same. This is an exciting time for me and I hopefully will be able to help many people.

This afternoon though I had time to catch up on my rituals like exercise and heat and air. I tried out Davina McCall’s new exercise DVD and I have to say I was well exercised and out of breath. I then felt that I should do another coffee enema. I don’t usually do them on consecutive days but really felt the urge to do so today. Besides it gives me time to listen to my lectures online.

The course I am doing is really interesting and I learning so many new ideas and diet approaches.

I actually feel quite tired now but I am excited as I have prepared a cauliflower and coconut milk curry for this evening’s meal. I love Thai food and this is going to amazing. Hurry up bear come home!

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