Future planning.. Should I be?

Yesterday was a day filled with joy. We watched our friends be married surrounded by friends and family who were all so very lovely. As usual through meeting people I discussed my job and as most people that know me HD brows is a major part of my life and business. I can’t help ooze with excitement when encouraging potential new stylists. We also discussed living abroad as many of the people we met were ex pats. I got really excited as we toyed with the thought of our future and this was further enhanced when I had a message from Nilam Patel, the founder of HD Brows telling me if I felt well enough she would train me so I could train stylists in Marbella. Then I caught myself and thought, ‘ should I even be planning a future?’ No one knows what tomorrow brings despite what has been predicted. Positivity and future planning is essential no matter what a doctor tells you. This is key in the ten point plan. To be honest mental fitness as we call it plays one of the biggest elements in the art of survival whether you have canser( remember spelling it wrong makes it lose it’s power over me) or not.

All I know is that I’m very thankful for what life is offering me.

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