Gamma Delta cells and Aspirin as possible cures for triple negative breast canSer

I’ve got back from my fourth vaccination session this year. We left for Germany early Sunday morning and were happily exploring Kassel near Gottingen by the afternoon. It’s crazy to think that we have only been away three days. It feels like weeks. We made sure we did as much as possible as well as using the hotels facilities. We attempted to sue their gym but on finding it was closed due to flooding we decided to go for an early morning run. Then yesterday we began our day with a swim followed by sauna, steam and salt oasis. I could manage that every day!

I feel extremely tired today though. I was flagging by the time I got back last night. BA has changed their flight times so our flight was an hour later than normal which meant we didn’t arrive home until 11pm. I’m normally ok but today I feel all a bit unsettled. I decided to give exercise a miss this morning I feel a bit like I have a lot to do or could be doing. Everywhere I look is a mess and a job that needs to be done and I feel that the house is taking me over. I would really love for it to be spring cleaned but I don’t want to do it! Cupboards are untidy and things really need sorting out. Well today in my head they do. Tomorrow they will be probably be fine again when everything is in perspective. I always feel like this when tired. I’m suffering a bit of an upset tummy too so maybe that is why I am not thinking clearly.

Yesterday was a  revelation when we saw Dr Nesselhut. He gave me my vaccination intradermally and intravenously. This is my last until I have my next ct scan and then I won’t be back there till the end of June so they can decide what to do next and if the protocol needs to be changed. Dr Nesselhut told us that he had been doing a presentation in Salzburg and wanted to show us the success of treatment he has had using Gamma Delta cells this year. It is completely new and almost trial like at present but thinks if my results aren’t as we hoped then this could be something I may have.

Ok this is where it is all technical but I currently have alpha and beta t cells when having immunotherapy but apparently gamma delta cells are amazing! I would need to get these cells from someone else like Pete and then they could be cultivated for me to have and use in order to kick cancer in the butt. Dr Nesselhut showed us images of two patients he has treated since January this year. One lady had lung cancer so severe that she was using oxygen to breath. Her image showed her lung full of canSer. Within two months of having immunotherapy using gamma delta cells it has completely gone! So far Dr Nesselhut has only used this protocol on people who have no other options. This is because it is still very experimental but he feels that he will soon have a good protocol tried and tested and says that I could potentially have this treatment too. Wow! Pete seems excited and also pleased that he would be able to help me by offering his cells.

We discussed with the doc also the news we had been receiving in the last few days about aspirin being able to prevent canSer and stop the spread of canSer. This has been explored since the 1980’s but has only just been back in the news recently for triple negative breast canSer. The idea is to use a low dosage every day such as 75-100 mg only. The doctor agreed that I should start taking this too. I am feeling like I am rattling from everything I now take but if it helps then I’m in!

So much to be excited about! I’m going to attempt to get lots done today but I am really not feeling it. If it as sunny i would bask in the sun. As it isn’t then I have to get on with jobs…..

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