Ground breaking vaccine using immunotherapy… Is this the answer to our prayers?

Since last Wednesday I have felt much better. In fact Thursday I felt completely different. I had a new outlook on everything and had a really productive and fulfilling day. Weird how sometimes you just need to get it out, get over the wallowing and feel cathartic, refreshed, renewed. I am sorry if I upset anyone but it was really good therapy for me.

So the week has been quite eventful for me, visiting my dad and brother whom I haven’t seen for years. No reason really why u haven’t seen them sooner but I figured I needed to make the effort and it was well worth it.

Then I went on to see my mum and spent the evening there snuggled under a blanket together watching TV with her cat on her lap. For dinner we ate my favourite meal from when I was a child; Cornish pasty, jacket potato and baked beans! Yum!

Today I have been to my personal training session. She has already increased the walks that she has prescribed me and has got me using muscles I didn’t even know I had! I feel great maybe a little tired and shaky, with arms that represent a Tyrannosaurus rex (very small and inadequate!)

But that’s not all that has been going on this week. There has been ground breaking news of the immunotherapy trial that has had 94% success rate with complete remissions. I want to shout out ‘wow, how exciting’, but I have to admit as much as this is brilliant news especially for those with blood canSers at this stage Peter and I are not surprised. We have always supported that immunotherapy is the answer to stopping canSer in its tracks using T-cells otherwise known as dendritic cells.

What was really exciting about the news released this week is that the vaccine that the patients were given will now actually detect and stop that canSer from returning. So in the true sense of the word, it really is a vaccine against blood canSer! Genetically modified cells to search and stop. This really is awesome! Now they need to develop a vaccine like that for every canSer, solid tumour canSers, triple negative breast cancer.

I am certain that when I see Dr Nesselhut next he will not be surprised by this news as he has been providing vaccines for many years. Not identical to the one reported this week but still. I currently have vaccinations using my cells that have been primed and worked on in a lab as well as using other solutions such as nivolumab.

If you haven’t had the opportunity of seeing this research/news here are some links to our newspaper reports;


Obviously there is a long way to go before there are treatments like this used for the likes of you and I. Years still. The trial did have some devastating side effects on a few, mainly two, who died from a severe immune reaction. So it’s not all cut and dried but very hopeful.

This is today’s news mentioning nivolumab and ipilimumab. Nivolumab is being is expected to be licensed for use this summer in Europe.

Peter always said, right from the day I was diagnosed with incurable (apparently) canSer in 2012 that in five years there will be cure or a treatment that can keep me alive until I am old and grey. We are almost four years in and he is absolutely right. It feels like that there is a race on to find a cure, a vaccine, for this deadly disease.

With this positive thought in mind I am going to continue living, being, and loving. It’s a bright, cold afternoon here and I have much to live for. Plus it’s almost the weekend again when I get to spend it with my One, my Bear.

Love and Light All……







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