Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was greeted this morning by some lovely little gifts (the theme was hearts) from my Bear and the most beautifully written card. Bless him. He always makes such an effort. Sleep wasn’t his friend last night. It so unfair seeing him so concerned about everything but most of all about me. We talk often about not wanting to be alone in this life or the next but realise that one day it will happen (hopefully in many years to come) but all the same it is going to happen. We wonder how we will be able to find each other.. It might sound morbid discussing it but we all think it and maybe never discuss it-usually. I know this isn’t the tone of the blog you want on Valentine’s Day but this is how it manifested itself this morning for us. We have more love than we know what to do with – at times I honestly think I might suffocate from the cuddles and love- this is not a complaint of course. smiley-laughing.gif Every day it grows stronger and every day the fear of being alone grows bigger. Silly- worrying is like wishing for what you don’t want to happen and fear is such a negative emotion. Of course these chats and thoughts are often fleeting but still they are there, usually finished with a big snuffle and talk of everything’s going to be ok.

My day has been lovely, I have been working briefly today and for the first time in months did a facial. It’s such a lovely treatment but I do understand why the psychic lady warned me against offering many of these kinds of treatments due to the fact that they will deplete me and my energy. I feel great right now though and it’s like another little world inside my treatment room. I get all excited and start thinking about working full time again. I really feel there is a future; I just hope it is true.

Tonight we are not having any posh dinner or drink or anything, I am going to do Pete a lovely back massage and then I want him to have a big old soak in the tub to relax his weary muscles, then for some action on TV watching James Bond.. Well it’s kind of romantic?!*

Anyway I want to spread the love and did a little picture……..

Love you!

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