Harvest Festival (of White Blood Cells!)

Today was my first treatment at the German clinic. As you would expect they were ready and waiting. I was being treated by Cindy a lovely friendly and perfect English speaking nurse. The room was immaculate all set for a two hour treatment with a DVD player and funny movies to watch (specifically funny so as not to upset your blood pressure). I have to admit I was a little scared. Leukapheresis sounded like a doddle- all they had to do was separate my white blood cells from my blood. Then they will be targeted at the cancer and re-injected as a vaccine. This can be further enhanced by adding antigens in future treatments in response to the cancer activity.

So going back to today’s treatment- removing the white blood cells. They literally removed the blood from my body- twice! Sounds mad? You should have seen me, well you can in the images attached. I had tubes coming out of both arms. I was unable to move the whole time as my blood was removed, circulated through a machine and then reinserted into me minus the white blood cells.

There was risk to the treatment but fortunately all I felt was tingly in my hands and face. This meant I needed calcium replacing in my body- so I was given calcium tablets. Other than my vein collapsing during the procedure it was all pretty pain free. It was helped by being distracted watching Bradley Cooper in the Hangover. 🙂

Day off tomorrow when Bear and I will have a small lie in and get back to nature. It really is beautiful here.

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