Have a cracking Easter! No chocolate eggs for me though……

Today has been busy! I’ve decided that from now on I will be working a few afternoons a week. The main reasons are to get some normality in my life, for money and because I love it! I have had 7 clients this afternoon all of which have rebooked. I have been so blessed with this business. I am totally passionate about it. I get to chat girly gossip, make women look and feel amazing and I work from my home environment. What could be better?

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the news last night. Researchers have stated that there are 49 new genetic faults that appear to drive the breast canSer. Women who inherit most of these have a 30% chance of developing the disease, more than three times the national average. Some of the faults were only predictive of the most aggressive, and dangerous, form of the cancer, called oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.

Blimey.. That’s outrageous isn’t it but so very exciting?! Treatments can be individualised and hopefully drugs or treatments can prevent many women from actually getting breast canSer. It does feel like science maybe catching up at las don’t you think?

I have received more mail from my new followers and friends. Helen Whetton is trying to raise one million pence to raise money for breast cancer charities. She seems unstoppable and is not only going to attempt to run the marathon and trying to organise a charity ball but is now organising a quiz night. The poster is attached. I feel all a bit tingly with how many people are raising funds and getting involved with charity fundraising. I just love it.

I started my day as normal with meditation. I am now on week three of the Deepak Chopra perfect health challenge. Today’s centring thought: ‘My little changes amount to big benefits.’ Today’s mantra is; ‘Everything I desire is within me’. I couldn’t agree more!

Tonight Pete is out and I am going to finish work at about 6.30pm so I think a soothing soak in the tub is in order. I still scrub every day and at the same time do my affirmations( I sound mad talknig to myself but hey ho) so tonight I am going to clear my thoughts, soothe my aching back and detox with some Epsom salts.

Easter is this weekend. I won’t be having normal Easter eggs sadly. I have got myself a bar of dark organic chocolate. This is important in the diet apparently so I will indulge a little bit. I won’t be indulging in alcohol though. Pete is on a new regime and I really need not to drink as much, according to the scientists on TV. Sometimes it sucks. I love champagne! Champagne is the answer! Most of the time. I have decided that this weekend to fill our time we will be decorating, creating mocktails Bear style, planning holidays( hopefully booking some- nudge nudge wink wink Pete!) and generally getting things done and not being tempted by anything! We will see how long that lasts…..

Have a cracking Easter break all!

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