Healing my spirit

We have been trying to contact the doctor in Germany today but sadly he has been unavailable. We will just have to be patient. I received an email today with a list of herbal medicines recommended for me to take. Checking them out online it seems most are to boost immunity and have beneficial effects against cancer. I am seriously going to rattle! ha ha!

I am having a fasting day today- that doesnt mean not eating. it means having mainly fluids, smoothies and warm soups. This is to release more toxins that are bound up in my liver. It will prepare me for my colonic session on Wednesday. Also I had my second acupuncture session followed by healing. Wow it was really powerful. I understand energy but Lyn Ng (who is Michael- the acupuncturists wife) was really calming. I instantly chilled out and her voice was amazing. I can’t normally focus when asked to breathe with my eyes closed. My mind normally wanders but I felt such a strong feeling of happiness I felt like smiling.I had such a feeling of something pulling me and many colours in my mind. I can’t wait for next time. I left feeling centred. Lyn explained that the spirit has to be strong in my heart. Then everything else will fall into place.I think I will sleep well tonight. For details on any reference I make to treatments and books etc I will add to a page. Please contact me if you would like any details in the meantime.

Fingers crossed we get a reply tomorrow re going to Germany. No time like the present!

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