I am the Fairy Claire Mother!

Another weekend has passed by with a blink of an eye. As ever it was action packed. Friday night we met friends for dinner and made news friends too. It was an evening of much laughter and goofing around. Good for the soul and how my cheeks ached. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Saturday my best friend and fiancée came to visit. They are getting married in two weeks and I have been sprucing them up preparing them for their big day. I spent a few hours whitening their teeth and making the bride to be eyebrows spectacular. Pete as usual the host with the most decided that despite the grotty weather that today would be our first barbeque of the year.. Under a gazebo. And in true Pete style didn’t forget us little ol’ veggies. We had lovely vegetable kebabs along with butternut squash salad. Delicious!

 Still tired from Friday night Saturday evening was spent chilling in front of the TV. I was incredibly tired so bed by ten was perfect for me.

Sunday was more unusual and exciting as we attended the Christening of our good friends and I was one of the god parents! I like to call myself the Fairy God Mother or fairy Claire mother! Ha ha! (Picture me in a pink tutu with wings and a wand!) Pete read the responses and was very brave. I wouldn’t do anything like that. I would simply burn with embarrassment.  It was good seeing both their families and most of all seeing the little bundle of joy who was very brave and quiet. Such a happy boy.

I can’t help but think I could have a little bundle of love. I watched all the other children playing and wonder what mine would look like. I’d be a good mummy. I’m sure of it. At this rate I’ll be having lots of cats and dogs to replace the void. That’s not such a bad thing. I am just very aware of getting old and having no family to be with. I’m thinking that far ahead!

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling. It has been proven that cuddling is good for the immunity and helps healing. Now that makes my bear even more important, if that’s possible! I knew I liked cuddling for a reason. Any excuse and now I have a brilliant one.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed. I simply could sleep forever! But then that would be lazy and boring… I had to have an early start as I drove to Milton Keynes to the Dermaspa to have my eyebrows tattooed. I had them done a year ago when I lost all my hair and they haven’t grown back fully. The hair has changed from being coarse to fine and they are very patchy. Luckily for me Nilam, the founder of HD brows, kindly offered for me to have them done free of charge. Her technician Cathy was amazing. And I am pleased to say I now have a wonderful set of brows again… The magic of it!

Whilst there I bumped into all the HD brows trainers who are just so lovely.  It’s hard to believe I was there doing my training two years ago! Nilam was lovely too and wants to call me later to discuss me going to help on their stand at their next trade show. I feel so honoured to be asked and to be honest it’s the least I can do when they have done so much for me. Exciting!

I am back home already and feeling really good. Despite the hospital visit tomorrow, I am not letting that dominate my mind. Although it’s hard not to let it creep in every now and then. I do think I need to focus my thoughts on something more positive. I am wondering what will happen. Will I be back on chemo Wednesday? Will I be going back to Germany every month again for vaccinations? Or will I be told that I can have a break for a few months to see what happens as there is currently nothing there? I am ever hopeful that the results are clear. It’s so hard to think ahead as I am always being reminded how delicate life is. I have to admit that it would be nice to have time off of this life. For a bit. I wouldn’t want to change my diet back or to stop my rituals every day but I would love to know that I can plan ahead. I know that today is the most important but it is only natural to plan ahead. That’s what you do when you have kids. You don’t expect to have them and not to plan way into their future too. I feel like I need time off. I know it sounds daft. I have the easiest life going in many respects and my life is one big celebration (and would be more so if Pete and I had our way, a bottle of champers every night celebrating love or happiness or anything!)But I could really do with not being on red alert. I can’t imagine how bad it is for Pete and my loved ones either.

This afternoon once my chores are done I am going to read some more, and make plans for the future. More holidays are in order and more life experiences…


Here is some exciting new research working along the lines of immune therapy. It seems triple negative could really benefit from this kind of work;


Time for tea and salad me thinks……. and to keep checking out my new brows. EEK!

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