I feel chilled and happy.. going on my merry way for now…..

Yesterday I felt pretty tired so didn’t blog.. I had a friend over and in true Kitty and Bear style we had a mini celebration for the small victory!  It had to be done…

I had some sad news yesterday that my friend’s mother passed away from cancer. It came as such as surprise. My friends had tried to ensure I was told with sensitivity so Pete told me about it last night. I was devastated. She was such a lovely person and such a fighter. I tried to spread the love a short while ago by sending her my ‘prayer and promise’ that I say every day and a card with an affirmation in it to give her some strength and hope. She was diagnosed with cancer the same month and year as me. I am so shocked and yet feel so lucky that I am as well as I am, still. I don’t think anyone will ever get used to hearing it despite thinking that it may be imminent. I said a little prayer today. I hope she has found her way safely and that the family can feel peace soon too.

I have been working today doing facials and brows. I love it. I will never tire of seeing my wonderful ladies and doing such a rewarding job. I am even thinking that maybe I could increase my work load now especially as I now know for the next two or three months I will be on oral chemo and going to Germany.

The good news the other day has given me a real boost so I feel motivated to continue doing my rituals every day. I am overwhelmed by the response I got from my good news which I was happy to spread around loudly! Weirdly enough though I still feel very delicate in what I should be doing. What if slight changes will make the canSer grow again? I know it’s worrying for no reason but the next scan whenever that may be is going to be a worrying time. The anticipation of good news. That’s the thing with canSer. It really makes you have to live day to day. The unknown is always round the corner and the fear of what may be is the biggest issue to overcome. I just need to relish the time and successes now.

I have been setting up charity just giving pages today getting ready to inform everyone about making donations and selling bracelets. I think I should wait to sell the bracelets until I get back from Germany next week. But having spoken to friends they are all so willing to help sell them. One friend is even setting up a stall at the school Easter bizarre. Brilliant. I couldn’t ask for more. I hope all 500 go without any trouble!

My nail lady gave me a news article cut out yesterday about an Indian medicine cure used for malaria, that originates from neem tree could also fight cancer cells. US researchers found that the extract known as gedunin attacks the protein that helps protexct cancer cells against drug treatments. Cancer hijacks proteins that protect cells by tricking them into helping the mutated celss stay alive, but the extract fights back against tehse proteins and no effective in killing them. On looking into it furhter it seems it is very useful on cancers that are influenced by hormones. Sadly triple negative breast cancer is not. But great news for other types!

Last night I slept for over ten hours… I love logging my sleep patterns. I feel it is huge success when I sleep well.

I had news also a few days ago that another friend has breast canSer. She has only just been told and has surgery on Monday. I hope that I can help her ask the right questions and help her make the changes so that she doesn’t get to where I am now.  I wish I had known someone like me back then. Maybe I would have listened …or not. It has to be right for the person at the time. All I can do is be here and not overwhelm her with information. That’s the thing in the beginning is that you feel so overcome with info and you don’t know what to do for the best. I say, take every day as it comes and be patient.

Well, I smell of roses after having done a wonderful aromatherapy facial. I feel chilled and happy and I am going to continue on my merry way for a short while at least. I feel so happy that everyone that cares for me and has been worried for me feels happy too. I forget how hard this must be on them too. We can all be happy and thrilled for now anyway! It’s bloody working… That’s all there is to it. More running man me thinks!

Light and Love. X

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