I feel like singing Destiny Childs’ song, ‘ I’m a Survivor!’

I loved reading yesterday so much so that I carried on today and finished the book. It is full of the realities of cancer and dealing with it as Cancer Babe. It made me laugh and cry. It is so essential to be able to focus and move on in a time when it feels like its all doom and gloom. I feel like singing Destiny’s Childs’ song, ‘I’m a survivor!’  It’s given more me more drive to stick two fingers up at it (in the nicest possible way). It also focussed on making yourself feel girly and making an effort not only for yourself but for the man in your life. I totally agree; I love getting all made up and putting on my wig. It takes canSer away for a while. Any cancer babes out there wants guidance and to be made to feel good check out these guys; www.lookgoodfeelgreat.co.uk


I am seriously laughing at myself now as I decided exercising at home needed some variety so have bought a rebounder ( that’s a mini trampoline to us normal people) By bouncing, your cells get gently squeezed by the alternation of weightlessness and gravitational pull. As a result, toxins are flushed and nutrition floods your body. I can’t help but laugh at how I feel like a child or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Tomorrow morning is going to be fun!!


Tomorrow is an exciting day for us. We are heading off to meet Dr Ray at his research lab to learn more about dendritic cell therapy. This is the next treatment I want to have, hopefully in the next few weeks, whilst I wait for results from the hospital.


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