I have had my three monthly fix of seeing Prof Harris…..

I have had my three monthly fix…. of seeing Prof Harris. This morning I had my three month outpatient’s appointment with my oncologist, Prof Harris and also to get my scan results from last week’s scans.
It’s always nice to see the prof but even nicer when he walks in with sheets of paper with my results on and even better than that is when he walks in saying, ‘It’s good news’.
Yes… I had some good news. Yay!
The good news is;
MRI scan for the brain tumours; Tiny left lobe lesion does not appear significantly changed.
No new lesions
Conclusion: Stable disease.
I’ll take that thank you very much!
CT scan; There has been a definite deduction in size of the right upper lobe lesion in my lung, which now only measures 30 x 19mm.
The area they said in my last scan showed several micrometastases has now mostly resolved. Prof said he thinks this must have been infection. The remaining lung lesions are stable. The question is, ‘What lung lesions?’
The right hilar lymph node has reduced from 19 x 15mm to a now normalised 8 x 12mm. Prof states that this actually is the usual size of that lymph node, therefore it’s now normal.
Subcentrimetre mediastinal lymph nodes are now even smaller!
Stable sclerotic lesions in the vertebrae- so basically they are dead still. Old fracture in my rib.
And no new lesions anywhere else.
Conclusion: Partial response to right upper lesion, the rest is classed as stable disease.
So all in all great news. Of course I want more! But then I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t want the lesions gone completely. I am waiting and imagining the day Prof walks in and says ‘You are all clear’.
For now, I am relieved and happy. I am feeling generally well.
Prof says my bloods are low around the 9 mark but still good for someone who is having treatment every month.
He actually seems very proud of me. He mentioned today that is has been nearly three and half years since it spread.
As always he said to see him three months and book my scans in due course.
I did the usual of asking if there was anything in the pipeline that I could have plus asked about any other developments such as stem cells, but he said not right now. I asked about his research and he said that they have had some success with using something to stop the cancer cells blood supply through the vessels that grow off them. He said it is promising in mice and they will be testing on humans eventually. I asked what canSer that will be for. He smiled and one of them will be triple negative breast canSer. Oookkkkaaaaayyyyy… I will be keeping my eyes and ears to the ground and hope that I am eligible when the time comes for them to start the trials.

He asked how much the treatments currently cost. I told him and he was surprised and said that cost is less than having Eribulin on the NHS and is much cheaper than Kadcylca (the drug they are looking to take off the NHS for positive metastasised breast canSer) He also mentioned that he signed the petition for the makers of Kadcylca to reduce the cost so that it can stay on the list of drugs used by the NHS.
Wow I didn’t know they charged so much! He did mention that he had another patient in right before me who has been on eribulin and is having a very good response to it. He said ‘that is what we will offer you if you need it.’

I practically skipped out of there and called my Bear immediately. He is normally with me but the traffic, was once again, hideous. Pete was so frustrated he couldn’t get to the hospital in time. It turned out that there was another accident on the dual carriageway. I didn’t mind but I really didn’t want him to get upset. I didn’t feel let down. But Bear pointed something out. He said that I always get bad news on my own. And the fact that I didn’t today means that we have broken that curse. See, there’s a positive to everything!

So onwards with the next three months. I am drinking alcohol a lot less frequently. I intend on getting much fitter by making changes. The thought of skiing in the next few months is enough to motivate me into getting ‘ski fit’. Pete is focussing on feeling better generally and we are trying really hard at having a stress free life. This one is much harder to achieve currently.
Yesterday saw the first of another Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge.
Here is the link if you would like to join;
Being mindful is essential, and it feels like there are big changes ahead, so we must believe and be focussed.
Right now I am looking forward to my Bear coming home and having a big cuddle. We can feel good knowing we are doing something right.

Light and Love…. As always. X

P.S One question is it too soon to be wearing this??11053127_10153195466872061_4041839942933026154_n

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