I have never felt as alive as I did this weekend….

Well that was a weekend to remember. Leading on from my last blog and wanting to have a chilled weekend we decided to head back to our boat Friday evening with the pretence of going on a little journey the next morning. Having checked the weather forecasts, and got advice from experts (apparently) we were up and off before 7.30am on Saturday morning on our way to Brighton by boat. We had agreed if for whatever reason the weather turned bad in the Solent we would return to our boat home. It was a beautiful start to the day and I was hopeful that it was going to be a great journey.

How wrong I was! We got a place called Selsy Bill where it is a headland and lots of tides come together. The wind was blowing a gale and wind over tide made the sea state horrific, to say the least. In short the journey turned into a living nightmare! The waves were so big the water was coming in the boat. It was really hard for the boat to be controlled and we were forced to slow right down just stay afloat. I was in pieces. Anyone that knows me that I am a fair weather boater and it is only for the love of my man that I put up with going on it. I knew we were in trouble when my bear said, ‘I know my limits and I can’t handle this.’ All that kept going through my mind apart from; ‘Please god don’t let me die!’ was ‘How are we going to get the boat back?’

Even though conditions settled the further past we got from the headland it felt like it took forever to get to Brighton. In fact the journey should have been two hours it actually took over three! Even when arriving in Brighton the wind conditions were immense and I felt physically drained. I didn’t have the energy to moan, have at go at Pete or anything. Now anyone that knows me will be laughing about the boaty thing. It is my worst nightmare! Luckily the sun was still shininig and for a few hours after I was numb and just basked in the sun with a tonic water, although I think Pete had laced it with gin to calm me down.

I am surprised as to how it affected me. I didn’t have an appetite, didn’t want to go out and went to bed quite early. However that all changed when another gale blew throughout Saturday night keeping me awake whilst I relived the day’s events. Honestly I think I am traumatised! It’s funny now but at the time O-M-G!

Then came the dilemma of how to get the boat back. I flatly refused to go back and Pete and I sat trying to decide what to do. He said he would drive it back on his own. Well that was just a stupid idea, and then he thought about getting a friend to go with him whilst I drove their car back. We then wondered if our boat manager would collect it which he agreed. All the while we started chatting to the staff at Brighton marina who did a good job being very nice offering us a free night there. Well the long and short of is that our boat is now rehomed… in Brighton! My friend who we went to visit was made up and cannot believe we have now made such a big decision. It’s further to get to but what a beautiful lively fun place to stay at weekends. And the bonus is that I don’t have to go out on the boat if I don’t want as there is plenty to do there. Win win situation. So I guess I should be thanking the Universe for t he terrible journey. It could have been worse but wasn’t. It also made us make the decision to move the boat. I believe it is the right thing to do and we will be very happy there.

The rest of the weekend was great. I got to chat with friends and sunbathe at the back of the boat. I was a bit off colour but I feel much better today! We got home late and had the best night’s sleep… thankfully.

This morning was a struggle to get up but once up I have really enjoyed my day. I had a call from a lady who wanted her brows done who I met about a year ago who also has secondary breast cancer. I had thought about her often over the last year hoping that she would read my ten point plan and take the same route as me but I can only guide people not force them. She rang me to cancel her brow appt as the chemo she has started has meant she has lost her hair again. She is also terminally ill as they call it and although feeling well the cancer has grown substantially in her liver and spine also. The risk she has is will her liver fail due to chemo or cancer. She has spent the last year ensuring her family will be ok but now she has decided she wants to live and asked me my advice. I am thrilled on her decision and have emailed and talked a lot about Dr Nesselhut and reishi and supplements and other elements that will give her confidence, good health and most of all hope. I feel a bit like a disciple spreading the good word and giving hope. I want to be her friend and hope also that things turn out better for her. I will ensure that she is carefully guided and anything I can do to help I will.

I am working today and have the pleasure of new clients once again. Things have really kicked off for me and I am really enjoying my work life.

Funny how events in life change things suddenly eh? I have never felt as alive as I did this weekend being faced with fear and death. To be honest I don’t want to feel like that again but I am very grateful for the life that I have got and the love of my wonderful husband, family and friends. If I can return that in any way then I would feel amazing.

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