I have the deepest voice… which although initially sounded quite husky and sexy is now rather annoying!

It’s been a few days since I have blogged and it’s crazy to think that I can’t really remember what I’ve been doing! Ha! Ok clearing my thoughts and working backwards I have regained my memory.. I must be getting old.  

Friday I went to Oxford to do some shopping…My best friend’s wedding is getting closer and I still haven’t got a dress for it so I thought I should get my finger out. Well it wasn’t very fun. I tried on hundreds of dresses but nothing is grabbing me. I love it when I find something that I love. I want to buy something that I can wear more than once. I did come home with something which is lovely but I got straight on the internet on my return and ordered a few more dresses! Either way I will be fine for Sundays’ wedding…Thank goodness for credit cards.

I felt much better today and far less tired… this I felt was a good sign so Pete and I had a quite night snuffled in front of the TV watching rugby. My favourite past time… watching men’s legs on TV! He… The problem was I fell asleep and missed it all. Oops…

Saturday we got up early and drove to the coast where our boat is moored. The weather was bright and it was so peaceful when we got there. Then we got on the boat… and it wasn’t peaceful! As per usual and despite all our efforts to get someone to look after the boat in our absence- there was no power. Everything had stopped working and we sat there scratching our heads. It was then we were told that the metre on the electric cable provided by the marina was faulty. Brilliant. So we couldn’t start the boat…… ho hum… it was still relaxing there. We drove back to an afternoon of yet more legs! Yeha.. And some sun in the back garden. I spent a few hours going through old photos and half watching Johnny Wilkinson’s team win.

I am amazed how much fun I have had in just the past few years let alone the past nine years with my bear. And what is really funny is how different I look through the years. I see pictures of me bald and think how weird it looks but at the time I thought I looked cool. Make the best of a bad situation and deal with it. That’s what I thought. It was quite liberating. I prefer having some fluff on my head now though…..

Saturday night we were joined by a friend as we watched the Eurovision song contest. Seriously why did we bother to waste three hours of our life?! It was mind numbing but weirdly entertaining at times. I have to say to drown out the noise we did indulge in my favourite tipple, champagne. A bit too much me thinks… uh oh.

Sunday was a very chilled day. It transpires that I have a chesty cough and my voice has nearly gone. I thought it odd that the very drained feeling I had been having all week… it must have been leading to this chest infection. Explains a lot. I also have been having diarrhoea. This is very odd for me but probably my body is being very sensitive and evacuating as much nasty toxins as possible. I do not believe it is side effects of the chemo. It has only just happened and much likely will sort itself out quite quickly. I don’t feel upset or drained from it so that’s a bonus. I wonder if because I am on a break of the reishi mushrooms and spores that maybe my body has been a little more susceptible to illness and stress. I never stop the green juice so this is all good…. it will combat any illness.

I had a cheeky afternoon nap before we went to meet new friends whom we met in Ibiza last year. Our friends had travelled from Cork in Ireland and happened to be in our city so we had some good banter and getting to know each other better. I love meeting new people. So much fun and promises of us going to Cork to visit them later in the year maybe. Good times.

As expected I was tired again and headed for bed before ten pm. I slept really well until about 3am I had to rush to the loo with a bout of diarrhoea. So not feeling the best I slept till 7.30am and have had a day of trying to get better combined with house cleaning… it has to be done at some time and it makes me feel better knowing I live in a clean home, plus getting rid of dust is very important in my health and well being. I have the olbas oil diffusing as we speak and intend on doing an inhalation and bath later to really shift this lurgy. I have the deepest voice… which although initially sounded quite husky and sexy is now rather annoying! I’m annoying myself… ha ha


I have now had time for the scan results to sink in and marinade. I feel so empowered by the lack of information on the report. The fact that I have no tumours in my lymph is outrageously incredible. The lack of fluid round my heart is seriously exciting and the fact that the tumours in my lungs have had little change but are too small to assess makes me think that actually they have got smaller since February or else the radiologist is just too lazy to do his job. Then there is the good news of it not spreading to any other organ. Ye ha! I tell you i can deal with results like that but the summary of stable disease is exciting but I want more! I want it to be all clear.

I spent some time Saturday morning visualising. I now visualise the tumours to be incredibly small and that I can squish them with my fingers till they pop or I get a pin and burst them like bubbles. The white bloods cells are much bigger than the cancer cells and the pink cells carry the chemo drugs to gobble up the nasties. I have to imagine them not being there now too and to be sure I give the lymph nodes a once over too. You never can be too careful!

So for an afternoon of stuff…. I must get better quickly! More champagne to dinrk on Sunday! Whoop!

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