I met an angel….

Whilst in Duderstadt last I was sitting having the infusions and a lovely lady came in asked me if I was English. She began talking to me in detail about herself and who she was. Her name is Raquel and she works alongside Dr Nesselhut by helping his patients who travel from Portugal and need assistance with language and guidance and more. She has such an interesting history and really is a phenomenal individual who dedicates her life to helping others.

She calls herself a patient advocate. I think it is a really lovely job and title. Basically she assists from start to finish with organising treatment for the patient by liaising and emailing and making phone calls to the doctors on your behalf. She is incredibly talented with languages and her knowledge of the medical world is huge. She does a lot research into drugs and treatments so that she can assist all kinds of patients not just canSer patients.

I wanted to share her details as I know that if in the beginning (or sometimes even now) I just wish someone could have helped me and pointed me in the right direction, advising me what to do and what supplements to take and deciphering the treatment that I was going to receive and so on.

Raquel is a bit like an angel really. She guides and protects you. Therefore I asked if she wouldn’t mind me sharing her details with you.

Here is her web address; www.raquelabreu.com

Email address is: raquelabreu70@gmail.com

Feel free to peruse the website and contact her. You can let her know that Claire gave you her details.



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