I pray for it to work for me

At the hospital this morning for a CT scan of my abdomen followed by an MRI scan. Lovely having Peter there too. Back home to a lovely green smoothie full of zingy lime. The sun is shining today so between exercise, yoga and relaxation I sit with a glass of alkaline water reading my new book. We bought a filter jug that makes the water alkaline. It really tastes great. I have been testing my urine with ph strips to see the level of acidity and alkalinity. I am now almost perfect. A blood test kit arrived today too to test me for vitamin D (Google Vit D with TNBC). You wouldn’t think a prick in the end of the finger would hurt so much!

This evening our lovely friend Paul Doran Jones (England and Northampton Rugby player), came over for a very healthy dinner created by my Bear. It was so lovely to see him and have a big old cuddle.  I got a text just before bed from Christy, the lady who has had dendritic cell therapy. It was good news! Her tumour hasn’t grown in 8- 9 weeks since she had the treatment vaccine. She is over the moon. It gives so much hope. I’m buzzing and too excited to sleep. I pray for it to work for me. I truly believe that the change in lifestyle, thought patterns, nutrition as well as the treatment I’m hoping to have, will be a success.

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