I’m a miracle apparently…..

It’s a rainy day here in the UK today. I actually really like it. It’s refreshing and feels like starting a new and there is so much to be thankful for.

We returned from Frankfurt on Friday night after being offered an earlier flight by BA. Thank you! It was nice to get back just a tiny bit earlier.

We arrived in Frankfurt Thursday night to loud booming music in the streets surrounding our hotel. We asked the reception staff what was going on, who told us it was their street party for that particular area of the city. So off we went investigating and eating the odd bratwurst along the way. It was great fun and certainly made the evening fly by. I was pooped and was looking forward to good a sleep before TACE the next day.

In the recent weeks my ribs on the right side have progressively got worse. It feels like it did about a year and half ago when I had excruciating pain only to be told there was nothing there. I know I have an old fracture but this pain is moving and is causing me real trouble when I move. Sadly exercise has to be put off; even doing yoga is a problem… Boo. I am feeling flabby and unhealthy but at least weight is going on and staying on.

We didn’t hire a car this time so started our day with a twenty minute walk to the hospital. It was particularly busy in Prof Vogls’ waiting room but I didn’t have to wait that long.

I was taken through and had the same scenario as always; MRI then into the procedure room where I was prepped and left to wait for Vogl to arrive. Boy, that man is everywhere and doing everything. I sent him an email the evening before and he replied at 3am! That guy is committed or crazy. I like him. I understand now why his emails are so short and sweet. He always asks how I am and what I’ve been up to as he wanders in getting himself prepped to do the TACE procedure. I wince every time he injects me then makes the incision before inserting the tube that will transport the chemo drugs straight into my lungs. To be honest putting the line in my arm was more painful this time mainly due to students practising on me!

Anyway he asked me again what I had been doing and I said not much….But what he was actually asking is what treatment had I had done since I saw him four weeks ago? I said not a lot just the usual stuff at home and a visit to Dr Nesselhut for vaccine and nivolumab and a small dose of ipilimumab plus infusion of DMSO and amygdalin and Oncothermia…. you know the usual!

He asked if I had surgery on my lung. No… He said, ‘You are a miracle- because the tumour has reduced by about 70% since the last time I saw you.’ He said that he had never seen this before not that quick. Wow! I loved receiving this news! I explained to him that my cough had gone so that would mean the tumour in the hilar node has also responded. He said yes it has gone.

I don’t remember anything much after that because I all I really wanted to do was tell Pete. The three hours recovery dragged somewhat especially as I needed the toilet! Honestly using a bed pan was a nightmare for me. I was willing myself to go. I was desperate for relief but my body wouldn’t allow me to pee!

11896098_10153073986392061_6203737434762283089_n               (The image shows before a month ago and after with the tumour circled in red.)

Whilst lying there I used my mobile and text Pete to tell him the news. Well you can imagine his reply. He was so happy he cried. I love him.

I also asked Prof, ‘Why did my ribs hurt me so much?’ He suggested that there wasn’t anything there relating to canSer but it was in fact fluid accumulating due to how quickly the tumours were reducing therefore causing some collateral damage. He suggested I let it heal on its own. I wish it would hurry up! I would love to do some cartwheels in celebration. It didn’t stop me from doing a little celebration dance in my usual style though- pain or not!

So we came home with our minds reeling… I am thrilled to know the combination of treatments are actually working and I always knew combining treatments was the way to go. I reckon Nesselhuts treatments are really working alongside the TACE and let’s not forget all the stuff I do at home. Looks like there may be a way to keep metastatic triple negative breast cancer at bay.

Whilst waiting to see Vogl before I left, my friend Peter Trayhurn arrived for his 31st session of TACE! His blog is well known and he has been battling on, proving doctors wrong for five years now; an Australian trying to succeed away from his family. Well as usual he had lots to say but before I left I told him that Prof Vogl thought I was a miracle. On reading his blog this morning it seems Vogl was having a great day as he also told Peter that he too was a miracle as he had no tumours present in his lungs…. so the happiness continues. I feel chuffed for him.

Now we don’t stop. We don’t become complacent and we know something we are doing is right… The fight is just getting started and I reckon we might just beat it and not just keep it bay.

Light and Love. X



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  1. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Stuart Sandeman
    Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
    Subject: Tesia Chang – Stage 4 triple negative breast cancer
    To: anete@virotherapy.co.uk
    Cc: info@virotherapy.eu, Tiff

    I am writing on behalf of my girlfriend Tesia Chang (AKA Tiff) who was diagnosed last year with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

    True to its nature this cancer has been very aggressive, and despite trying a number of alternatives (incl cannabis oil, huge dietary and nutritional changes, B17, high dose vit C IV, homeopathy, reflexology) it continued to progress quickly to stage 4 with metastasis in the lungs, brain, liver, spine, stomach.

    She has recently undergone 4 rounds of chemotherapy (adriamycin/cytoxan) in Taiwan with some measurable response, shrinking tumors in her stomach and liver (tumor went from 7cm-2cm in 3 cycles). It also completely shrank 2 previous brain tumors but it seems like it has stopped working since new mini brain mets came out in the last MRI.

    Doctors are suggesting a switch to taxol chemotherapy drug, gamma knife procedure for the brain mets and whole brain radiation but we are also looking at the options of virotherapy and/or immunotherapy as this seems to have been having good results in other stage 4 cancers with brain mets.

    Any help and advice you can provide at this critical stage would be greatly appreciated. For example, which clinic in Frankfurt you went to and how to get in touch with Pr Vogl.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, All the info is in my blog and on my website. Prof Vogl works from Frankfurt University Hospital. Also you may be interested in contacting Dr Nesselhut for immunotherapy. Again read my blog etc it’s all there. I approve of having gamma knife and whoel brain radiotherapy. Taxols are ok. But think about having an RGCC blood test to see which chemos are most effective. Sorry for the delay. I have been away.
      If you need anything else do let me know.

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