I’m either a solar panel, meer cat or sunflower….

The last few days have been well like summer! Fancy that?! Yay! Every morning I’ve woken to bright sunshine with blue skies pouring through my bedroom window. I seem to have done a lot yet very little all at the same time. Taking advantage of the weather I painted the garden f3ences to give them a spruce up as spray the4 dragons. (Long story- Puff, Billy and George were here when we moved in. I decided they needed to be brightened up so out came the gold spray. I love naff stuff!)

I’ve also had a weekend of visitors. My sister in law visited Friday evening. A flying visit leaving first thing Saturday morning only to be replaced with my mum.  It’s been great catching up with the girly chat as well as taking advantage of the visiting gardener (mum). My pots are suitable prettied and I can’t wait for things to grow and flower. Most of the weekend was spent lazing on my sun bed, drinking coconut water (and the odd Pimms) and eating healthy salads. I tried out the coconut water lollipops too… mmmm. This lazing around has given me time to read this month’s Zest magazine where there was a whole article on mood boards. They make suggestions to use them digitally rather than an actual board on the wall. Mood Pro and Corkulous are both apps that can bought from iTunes. It’s such a great way to keep you optimistic, focussed and happy. All part of 3 in the ten point plan- mental fitness. Also featured was an article on cervical canSer. The lady featured can’t have any children now and is considering adoption. I didn’t realise one had to be canSer free /in remission for 5 years before they are able to adopt?

Also the boyfriend of the lady featured said something that really struck a chord with me. You worry that adopting a baby wouldn’t be the same as seeing you’re on flesh and blood but her fella said, ‘Blokes don’t carry a baby. The bond grows after. Adoption isn’t any different. We’ll love our child, however the miracle happens.’ Ah bless him. But so true.

As I am writing this I am back in the garden soaking up the rays before my clients arrive. I’ve decided I’m either a solar panel, a meer cat or a sunflower. Give me sunshine and warmth!

I’ve really been paying attention to my affirmations in the last few days more than normal. ‘I lovingly forgive and release myself of the past. I fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself’

I love and approve of myself is the thing I am really trying to believe. I must listen to that. I must love myself no matter what size, shape, or position I am in.

For the first time ever I did yoga and meditation in the garden. My neighbours probably think I am doing downward dog and cobra but listening to the birds, bugs and feeling the breeze was brilliant. I urge everyone to try it.

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