I’m excited, I’m off skiing tomorrow!

Just a quick blog to say how excited I am.. I’m off to skiing tomorrow in Austria! Tonight we stay in the airport hotel and then first thing hop on a jet plane.. Fa la la.

Today has been a day of getting stuff sorted out but I have felt incredibly tired again. Like I need to go to bed, tired. Last night I slept really well although I did get up a few times in the night and once at about 4am I decided to try and use my active mind to do some visualisations on my lung and lymph. The wind was so noisy that I decided to oimainge the wind blowing the cells aways. I also imagined climbing up a ladder into my brain which was like a control room and turned a big switch off which was labelled ‘blood supply to canSer cells’. Then I turned a switch on for ‘dendritic cells’. On turning off the switch to the canSer tumours, they all went out like lights. I had a funny tingling sensation in my heel so imagined thatĀ  the cells were leaking out of me like running water down a drain. Not long after that I fell asleep again. Bizarre. The tiredness during the day though I think is caused by the anti sickness tablets but if it has been like the previous times it should get better over the next couple of days. It had better or I am not going to be any use up a mountain skiing!

I have to admit I haveĀ  been feeling a little bit lazy with all the visualisations. It’s like doing exercise for the mind. It can be quite hard work but I also don’t want canSer to take over my every waking thought. It has been nice lately relaxing a bit. Food is easier, supplements are hugely simpler, and I have really been planning my future. I hope I am not in denial and haven’t taken my eye off the ball, so to speak.

I have been in contact with Susie who was on the Nicola Jane photo shoot with me. She is based close to me, in Oxford, and we plan on meeting up when I get back. She has just got back from staying at the Ice hotel and seeing the Northern Lights. This is on my To Do list and I am very excited to hear all about her trip so that I can book it for me and my Bear.

Other than that I am packed, and as ready as I’ll ever be. I won’t be blogging for a week or so but may put updates on facebook.



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