It keeps life exciting, eh?

I honestly don’t know where the time goes. I was thinking the day before we left the villa that I was going to leave a lovely parting message and my thoughts on the three weeks that had passed.

But before I knew it we were on the road travelling hundreds of miles to get back home. It is now Thursday and we returned on Sunday. I have been thrown back into work (my doing-I booked up straight away) and the domesticities of life.

Despite having a washing machine there I still had many loads of washing and have now cracked the pile of ironing.
Then I was off to London yesterday to firstly visit St George’s hospital to collect il2 injections then hopped on the tube to the London Clinic to receive the IMM101 jab.

It is the last of the il2 injections and part of me isn’t sad about it. I performed the injection as instructed and this time took lots of paracetemol to avoid any side effects. It worked to a degree… Although in the middle of the night I felt hot and very uncomfortable. I decided to take more paracetemol but it didn’t really help. I had an unusual sensation on my arm further down from the jab that I’d had that day. I had a little rub of it and it was an old vaccination site from when I visited Dr Nesselhut. Not thinking at the time I ignored it but now I am conscious I recall my heart rate being elevated and I was having slight trouble breathing… Um, alarm bells!? I think I might have been having an allergic reaction to either or both of the injections I’d had that day. It was very similar to how I felt at Dr Nesselhuts that time I became allergic to the gamma delta cells, but on a lesser scale. Thankfully.

I remember my kitty jumping on me at what I thought was about 3am. I thought, ‘How did she get in here?’, and then looking to the other side of the bed saw that Pete was already up. I was so confused.

I feel pretty drained right now and like I am fighting something. Working today is helping take my mind off of it. I have another injection to do tonight of the il2 and just need to get a cup of ‘man up’ and stop moaning.

I feel all I do at the moment is moan about how under par I feel. I have to admit I haven’t felt 100% in ages. What with nausea and stomach aches, flu like symptoms and this blood cough which is driving me mad!

It’s hard not to think anything of the cough. It is still there and makes me feel rotten. Only because it catches me out. And it’s a non-cough. It’ not producing anything and it really doesn’t feel like an infection. Well I hope. I have been chatting to a virtual friend who says she has been experiencing aches and pains. It is so hard living with canSer and not think the worst of every niggle, cough and ache.

What else has happened this week?

I have been in touch with the London Care Oncology Clinic this week trying to firm up an appointment to see someone so I can have mebendazole prescribed. I have to get a referral letter from Prof Dalgliesh who is on holiday at the moment.

I have also been in contact with a doctor in Wimbledon who offers intravenous treatments such as sodium bicarbonate and salicinum. I had to send a letter of consent from my oncologist, which I have done. I have asked a few more questions before I book an appointment but I don’t seem to be getting a reply.

I sent Prof Vogl another message as he always seems so keen for me to go there and crack on with his TACE treatment. I asked if I should wait until my next scan. Typically he says that I should get there ASAP… Hmmmmm
Monday, Pete and I fly to Germany for my next round of treatments. It has been about 10 weeks since I was last there so I am quite keen on getting some sort of boost. I also need more scorpion venom and Nesselhut is the man I buy it from.

So as usual a lot on….. But it keeps life exciting eh?

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