It’s all about me!

Had a late night last night with a friend visiting. It was lovely to catch up and have some laughs but I do miss my sleep. I struggled to get up today but still persisted with my exercise and yoga as usual. I worked my triceps today….. I don’t think I have ever used them before. Ouch!

My new exercise DVD has arrived and I’m excited to start that on Monday. I have decided to have a few days off over the weekend. Both Pete and I are looking forward to having a lie in and not doing exercise tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a different brekkie rather than juice. Seeing as it will be my birthday I am going to have a day off from everything! Yay!

Sadly one of the trees in our garden has died and we may need to cut it down.  This time of the year everything looks so healthy and green (except the tree of course!) I love wandering around and checking on my little growers. I still have a tiny bit of bamboo growing under the decking. I see it like canSer for the garden. Not much seems to kill it but I am staving it off and the garden is doing fine. A bit like me really. I can’t help but want to believe that the canSer has left my body… Elvis style. I know that I shouldn’t just focus on that as I am well anyway but I really want it all! I want to be a complete success. It is so very surreal telling people I have canSer. They look at me like I am joking. It must be how people feel when they say they have ME. It’s invisible. I count my blessings I am so well and I also have so much gratitude for the life that I have. I am really happy. We, Pete and I, are really happy with each other and our friends and family.

I think this year could be another big year of change. It’s funny when you don’t force things you wanted to happen, just happen on their own eventually. I really believe if you put it out there in the Universe it will come to you when the time is right. If it doesn’t then something else evolves and it all makes so much sense.  Patience is what I need to practise……….. Hmmm…

I’m going to sign off for a few days and revel in being spoilt rotten. Have I told you it’s my birthday tomorrow?! Ha ha! It’s all about me!

Ciao! X

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