Jasmine oil good for mucus membranes… :/

Naughty cold. It has gone to my chest. Which is what I feared the most. On the plus side though I don’t feel bad and I’m actually not coughing that much so hopefully it will pass really quickly. Let’s face it nothing bad wants to be living in my body with all the action packed foods and supplements I am taking in!

Today I have had a day of clients. Typical in itself that I am not 100%. I can’t decide if it set to make me feel better or if it’s a sign of not booking clients in. The fact of the matter is I feel so much better having had a day like today. I got lots done and it was lovely to see my lovely clients. (Aswell as making some money, seeing as all I do is spend money at the moment!)

I ordered myself some dead sea salts and essential oils today as recommended by the doc I saw last week. I am very much looking forward to having a bath filled with salt and rose otto. I have also decided to buy some jasmine. As expensive as it is, jasmine popped into my mind the other day. The key benefit is that it is good for the mucus membranes. Sounds terrible eh?.. but it is really good for chesty coughs and respiratory illnesses plus it smells divine. On reading about today I noticed that having a rose or jasmine plant in the garden for their fragrance, ‘call’ angels (if you believe that sort of thing.. and I clearly do! smiley-smile.gif)

I think that once I have done my jobs I am going to have myself a bath tonight with a bottle of olbas oil at this rate! I have everything crossed that I am well enough for treatment in Germany. It is a bit late to tell them as they need to know a week before my appointment as that is when they take my blood cells out of the freezer and start preparing and priming them.I’m back there for an appointment on Thursday.

The Dr. Kate emailed earlier today and said that maybe the cold is associated with the letting go and moving forward work we did last week. The lungs certainly are the organs that allows us to do this. She advised though, that if I feel unwell and have a temperature to go to my GP incase I need antibiotics.

Right now to do the ironing and tick another job off my list. Ta-ra!

There is an ancient saying, ‘ By the fruits shall you know the roots’…. so there, we should sow the seeds of happiness.

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