Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. All part of my ten point plan- mental fitness, staying happy is right up there in getting well and staying well. Life is far too serious even more so when you have canSer or live with someone who has canSer. I’m sure there are statistics and studies on how laughter actually increases the immune system and helps heal a person. Instead of boring you with those facts I just want to tell you from my own experience- Laughter definitely makes you feel good, full of beans and let’s you forget your worries. A bit like being absorbed in a movie, a bit of escapism and forgetting your own woes. (I do this watching The Holiday with Jude Law in it! Nudge nudge, wink wink girls- Emma and Liz you know what I mean! Ha ha) Last night Pete, myself and friends watched a live comedy show, Mickey Flanagan actually. Oh my how my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. An awesome show. I think I like him and his material so much because of my east London roots and the way Mickey talks. (No I am not from Essex Mr G! I lived on the outskirts, right on the boundaries.. I cannot express enough I am not an Essex girl even if I do act like one sometimes! 🙂 )

I laughed for nearly three hours solid. I can’t remember the last time I did that! I’m still buzzing with happiness. 

Right now I’m sat in a hotel near Heathrow airport. We fly out to Germany tomorrow for my third round of dendritic cell therapy and Newcastle disease virus. I’m already missing my kitty and being at home but I keep thinking that maybe if I’m strong enough that next month may be my last for a while. As much as I am thrilled that I am able to have this treatment going every month can be quite demanding not to mention so expensive. 

Once I have had all four vaccines I will have a ct scan to see if it’s all working still if not better than before. I can’t help but think how good I feel mentally and physically. Ok I have had days of tiredness but other than that I can’t complain. The only other thing wrong with me is my butt aching! I did a thirty minute legs routine yesterday followed with thirty minutes of yoga… Seriously ow! Squats, lunges and high kicks. Well it must have raised my metabolism as I have been hungry and eating loads since and I’m sure I’m not increasing weight!( I know weight isn’t something to worry about unless I lose a lot but old habits die hard!)

So the Bear and I will hopefully sleep really well. Better than one of our other airport hotel stays I hope. We were woken at 2am by the fire alarm. I love hotel beds. The covers are soft and luxurious and the beds are usually huge….. Must not sleep yet!!! I’m really looking forward to the hotel in Duderstadt. It’s different to our usual one- a bit of a treat with a pool and sauna. If the weather is as dreary as here then tomorrow I will enjoying the facilities! Yeha!

I’ve been getting more emails from other canSer survivors. I really do feel comforted, empowered and ever more driven to keep going. I owe it to them all! And I’m so pleased people find comfort in my blogs. Silly really as all I’m doing is writing my journal….

So things to do more of; drawing, make bracelets and sleep! Oh and cuddles with my man. Where is he? 


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