Love today, not tomorrow

Before our journey began today I emailed Professor Dalgleish re my scan results and meeting with the doc re the trial.


He says that it is usual to expect some progression and it’s very common for nodes to swell reactive with cancer cells in the same region. He said the necrotic node could be a sign that DC and NDV are already working. He advised that Carboplatin and Gemcetibine would work well along side immunotherapy. It’s great having Gus Dalgleish reassure us. I’m very thankful for that.


Ellen Copson, another of our specialists, told me that she I’ll refer me to a top breast cancer specialist in Harley street too.


As Pete says if anything this has just made us readdress the situation and get even more focussed.


We talked a lot on the journey today. My heart feels heavy and I can’t seem to ‘live’. Everything I’m learning says to feel ‘love’. Love today, not tomorrow. I get it but I keep forcing cancer back into my thoughts. Pete feels a bit the same but is so clever. This situation is really teaching us that now is important and that we will deal with things as they arise.


Right now I feel great. Apparently I look great. So I have to buck my mind up!


Arrived at our hotel with fires engulfing Marbella-Bugger!


I may not write much for a week. Time to focus on me and my Bear.


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