Met Dr Nesselhut in Duderstadt

Had a 6 hour drive through Belgium, holland then finally arrived in Duderstadt in Germany. It’s so beautiful and quaint. We could have flown to Hanover but then where is the adventure and excitement in that?! My first appointment was simply to have my bloods taken to test it to see if I have HIV, Hepatitis b and c and to provide a blood count. The test has to be done by law to ensure the staffs safety but the blood count is important to ensure I have enough blood cells to do the treatment. We met Doctor Nesselhut (Junior) who explained everything in detail. So far we are very impressed. I’m due back there tomorrow at 8.30am for my first part of the treatment. I’ve been given an itinerary of all the other treatments I will be having over the week and will report more on those as they happen. Off to bed for an early night.

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