Must stay awake……

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day albeit cold but what a day for a funeral. It was a emotional as I expected and some. There must have been about 300 people there to pay their respects to our ‘funny’ friend Simon (as my friend Jules calls him) I didn’t think I would be upset and I wasn’t until I got home. It’s funny how grief can manifest itself. It’s hard to belive you simply won’t see that person again. I bet though he would have felt all warm and fuzzy seeing how many people love him. Such a sad day and such a waste of a great young person. My book I am finally getting to the end of says to try to deal with death that you should imagine what your own funeral would be like. Apparently it is quite a healthy thing to do and can actually help you cope with the thought of it. I am not quite there yet. I have to admit I refuse to think about it because for me it could be like tempting fate. I don’t want to romanticise it and make it something wonderful and hope that everyone would turn out for me. It might take me a while to think that one through although I do understand the theory.

I had a terrible night sleep last night. Correction, we had a terrible nights sleep last night. I am not sure if it’s the food, drink, chemo drugs or simply the day we had but neither of us slept. Today I have puffy blood shot eyes and really haven’t been on form until I had my reflexology session. Oh my… if I wasn’t desperate to stay awake to make sure I didn’t miss a thing then I would have been open mouthed dribbling at how soothing it was. I had lots of work done on lymphatic drainage today. Claire was so chuffed to hear my good news and she says my feet look great all except my back muscles which have been giving me jip this week. I am either slouching or using muscles I don’t use very often..whatever, it wakes me up in the morning… not a great way to start the day.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have my Boo coming to play and I will be doing all girlie things like practising bridal make up and gossiping..I’d like to add to that I would be having cream teas and cakes but that’s not allowed… instead I have stocked up on all things healthy and fun.. I am going to be trying houmous crisps made from chickpeas… Mmm sounds.. er.. delicious! The health food store must love me.

I have just collected a parcel from the courier of my next batch of supplies for my bracelets. I am still getting requests so if it works why change it? So I think I may have to get my head down this weeknd and make some more!

I also had another nice surprise in the post today, well infact three. Firstly I received a certificate from Breast Cancer Breakthrough for raising money for them along with a form to complete to have a name put on their challengers wall. I am not sure who to choose yet but I will get my thinking cap on. Then I received an iphone cover which is meant to remove radiation from the user as well increase signal strength and lengthen battery time. It’s all worth a go I say.. Here is a link to the website;

Then my next package was another book I have ordered called Thunk by Sandy Newbigging.

It’s about how to think less for serenity and success. I could do with that! We all could, right? Well it’s on my pile of books to plough through. I need to get my head down! I haven’t even read this months Zest magazine yet… my monthly pleasure (along with all the other monthly pleasures! ha ha!)

My friends are simply just ace. I have been getting messages from them all asking for more bracelets and asking how they can raise more money. One friend has decided to hold a ladies day and the other has offered her services to anyone that wants to hold a ladies night. What little beauties! So much to look forward to…. ..

Right I am going to try and stay awake later than 7pm tonight.. I don’t know if it’s the chemo but I cannot stay awake! Clean bed sheets, clean jim jams and frankincense infused in the room along with a cup of camomile over an hour before bed.. I will sleep tonight! But it’s Comic Relief tonight and I just love watching it.. oh poo. I know what’s going to win. Hello old friend, I’m coming!

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