My Christmas Wish is to have 1000 followers on Facebook…. 417 so far! Wow!!

Today started off as any normal day for me. The usual meditation, yoga, exercise, juicing, heat and air but my mind was buzzing and I was so excited! Excited at the thought of really getting more followers and readers of my blog and website. I contacted Nilam patel who is the co founder of HD brows. I am a qualified HD brows stylist and have known Nilam since she taught me over a year and half ago now. We have stayed in contact and I text from time to time. This morning I dropped her a line to see how she is and also to ask for her help. Then I got a call from Lara, who works in Marketing for the whole company, asked by Nilam, and we started chatting. Lara is a canSer survivor and has had canSer within the family too so this is something that is still very close to her heart. Her canSer has gone into remission, which I am thrilled for her. They have offered to help raise awareness in many ways but firstly by increasing the followers on facebook.

It is my Christmas wish to have a 1000 followers by New Years Eve. I started this morning at around 130.. so far it is already 417!! I watched the numbers raise so quickly this morning. Everyone I know and know of have been promoting it as well HD brows. I hope I reach it! I have been so excited all day!!

As mentioned yesterday, starting a charity may be a tall order initially so I have decided to help the Cancer Vaccine Institute. I called Prof Dalgliesh this morning but as I would expect he was with patients. I have emailed too and hope to hear back from him. I would think he will be very keen.

Going back to HD brows they have overwhelmed me by their support. They are thinking about helping raise funds by possibly donating a percentage of sales of some of their retail products or even doing a ‘Browathon’! I love that.. They have also featured me in their newsletter that goes out by email. I will post it on here when I get it.

The 3rd March 2013 is Triple Negative Day so I will be getting my thinking cap on and working towards that date to raise awareness and funds to good causes and people. I may see if we can raise funds to send people to Germany to have treatment too. With the help of friends I think this could be great! I’m so chuffed, I’m like a child. That added to Christmas.. Arghhh!! Love it!

My friend Lisa has lots of ideas and is going to contact photographers, pr people and all sorts. She asked if I minded being an ambassador for Triple Negative.. NO! (As long as I don’t have to speak in public. Pete will have to do that I’m a scaredy cat. :))

Other than that I have been getting ready for my holiday next week. I have been told not to pack much as we can buy plenty in Thailand… I am failing that. Ha ha!

Can’t wait for the Bear to come home tonight. Last day at work for him so hopefully he will be happy (stressed but happy)

I’ve been reading my new followers posts and I really am so touched by everyones support. Thank you!! Please go to the Visitors tab, then click on the View Guestbook link and add a little message. Let me know what you think of the blog and website. I love getting feedback.

Lots of love today.. I even found a heart in the bottom of my mug of reishi muhsroom drink.. Love everywhere.. I feel it in my fingersss. I feel it in my toeessss. Ha ha!

Sigh.. ……(That’s a happy sigh)

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