New development; Dendritic cells primed with tumour cells… the way forward?

Back up the hospital today having my bloods taken in preparation for my next cycle of chemo. Exercise was hard this morning but at least I am having good amounts of sleep! Luckily everything went my way today. Despite there being a car accident I sailed through the traffic, was seen almost immediately and then went to the pharmacy thinking I would be waiting for the usual hour for my drugs to be prepared but NO… they actually had them ready for me.

I should have started taking chemo on Wednesday but as we were away I couldn’t have a blood test .I am not overly concerned about it and I think I will start after the weekend. I’m not going to have the full two week cycle either this time. I’m being a bit cheeky but it will give me a little extra time to recover I feel.

I called the radiology department when I got home and talked about having my ct scan moved to August instead of July.  They were reluctant to do it as the doctor had recommended it but I explained that I have them every three months and there is no reason why I should have it any sooner I feel. She agreed and we have moved it to when I get back from a week in Spain… That’s something to look forward to then!

I bumped into a friend at the hospital who has just been diagnosed with canSer. I feel gutted for them. Such a nice person and it makes you realise that canSer really does strike anyone. I hope to be able to impart some comfort by sharing my knowledge but also by being me. I figure if I look well it keeps other people positive and maybe it will give them the focus and energy to have a brighter outlook on their own situation. It does make me think though, why does it happen to such nice people? But that’s life I guess. One learns from these life experiences. I could do without it to be honest but let’s face it it has been the making of me. I’m so much more grateful and thankful now for the life that I have been given. I work hard; I play hard and love even harder! Ha ha!

A lady who has been reading my blog emailed me some really interesting information this morning. It is an article on how doctors in the U.S have been using patients own tumours cells to prime their dendritic cells in order for the body to fight back and kill the canSer. I knew vaccinations would become more popular. This just proves it. I sadly cannot have this kind of treatment as I cannot have a biopsy but there’s hope for many others! We are getting ever closer I am sure of it.

Here take a read;


This weekend we have Pete’s youngest coming to stay. So a weekend of rugby, cricket and any other kind of sport I am sure!

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