Newcastle Disease Virus- poor old poultry farmer lost his birds but killed his cancer!

First day of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) and hyperthermia. I was being treated by the lovely Cindy again, which was very comforting.

Newcastle disease virus is bird flu which was discovered in 1926 in Newcastle, England. A poor old poultry farmer sadly lost his whole livelihood however noticed that his sarcoma (cancer tumour) disappeared- bonus!

In 1999 cancer was treated with Newcastle Disease Virus as immunotherapy for the first time.

Combined with this treatment and to assist it with its effectiveness I had hyperthermia or oncothermia. Oncothermia is a local electro-hyperthermia system which aims to increase the temperature in surrounding the tumour site.  It isn’t a cure in itself but allows more effective application of other therapies and certainly doesn’t do the cancer cells any good. It sounds mad but it was painless and the heat starts low but will increase each time I have it. The internal temperature rose to 42.5 degrees.

The whole experience was quite calming. I laid on a water bed and had a watery pad put on my chest. Then I had to inhale ionised oxygen. Cancer cells also hate oxygen as they are anaerobic.  The whole process lasted one hour. During that time I was given the virus intravenously. I shouldn’t have any side effects other than flu like symptoms.  So far I feel fine.

After the treatment we went for green tea in the market place. The tea house owner gave me a gift of two small angelic cherubs and said that they were for me to feel better. That moved us both hugely. Such a small gesture but so thoughtful and kind.

A weekend in the mountains to look forward to, then back on Monday for three days of treatment.

P.S Did my positivity app this morning- the first time I haven’t fallen asleep- ha ha! Felt amazing with so much gold and pink in my mind. Love.

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