News from Germany as to my next treatment plan..

Last night was a terrible nights sleep for both of us. Pete said he was worrying about work. The shortest month of the year puts on a lot of pressure. Wish I could help. I didn’t sleep. I thought it may because of the chemo drugs but I am thinking it may be coming to the time of the month again. I am a little out of the swing of things since not having any for so long!

Despite that today has been great. I have got lots of housework done. I find it so therapeutic. Then I had a one to one yoga session. My hips are like an old grannies! I wrapped more pressies. Seems like a never ending chore. 🙂 Then had a skype meeting with Dr Kate James. I have got more reishi spores on the way. It’s nearly four weeks since I stopped taking them. As well as that I have booked an appointment with a dietician at the London Oncology Clinic in January and had an email from Dr Nesselhuts clinic in Germany. Apparently they are thinking about changing my current regime – taking the special P2X7 out as they think it isn’t working and changing it to unprimed cells which will be injected intravenously and intradermally. My instant reaction was to say, No. They are making that decision based on the CT scan report which gives nearly nothing away. I agree with Pete when  he says he thinks it is working and the enlarged nodes are not just canSer but lots of cells and the node is inflamed and becoming necrotic. I have forwarded the emial onto Prof Dalgliesh in London for him to discuss with the German clinic. Either way it sounds like a plan and that I will be returning in January maybe.

I have a good feeling today. I think that all this is now going to be combatting the canSer like nothing before. I haven’t once strayed from my supplements and diet (ok, a bit of dessert sometimes falls into my mouth and I probably drink too much alcohol but it is the festive season!) I am still using the infra red and the airnergy machine and I am meditating, yoga-ing and  exercising where possible.

Touching everything wood- I am not feeling unwell from the chemo. I have always told myself that I won’t feel sick or be sick with chemo. The good thing is that I have to eat with the tablets so you mentally know that it will be fine whilst there is something in the tummy. I hope that I blast this chemo and I don’t get any side effects. Let’s face it I start every day with a green juice made from veggies. Full of goodness and it washes away any toxins immediately. Or at least it should as I spend half my life on the loo in the mornings. The bladder the size of a pea or I have a lot of fluid inside me.

I’m looking forward to Christmas again and our holiday next week and having the Bear to myself. Well nothing there changes. I have him to myself every day. In fact speaking of the big furry one.. where is he? On his way home I hope.


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