Nurture the Yin by walking in the New Forest… 90 minutes of walking and I started to moan quite a bit!

This weekend has been great. Apart from having a long weekend as its bank holiday it really has given Pete and I time to catch up with friends, relax and breath in fresh air.

Following on from my meeting with Dr Kate James she sent me lots of information with regards to certain elements of the diet and other factors she takes into account. Of course the alkaline diet plays a huge role but she also takes into account traditional chinese medicine and their role in the foods consumed too. Yin and yang is well known to us all but I had never considered how yin and yang foods can affect us too. Yin food characteristics can be seen as cold and cooling and yang are warm in colour and comforting, for example.  Apparently building the Yin is particularly important when trying to create a balanced and healthy environment. This can be done by foods and by what we do.

What I found to be really interesting was reading how to nurture our Yin; being by the sea and water, enjoying a quiet retreat, taking a quiet walk in nature. I have really been enjoying spending time by the river in Germany and this weekend we went for a long walk in the New Forest which I really loved (Pete might think I didn’t enjoy this much as after 90 minutes of walking I started to moan quite a bit! :)). I think it’s like being a child again. It might also explain why Pete sleeps so well on our boat. The energy is so relaxing.

Its funny (haha not peculiar)how so many things are decided and happen so intuitively. Having not known any of the facts about Yin we both have been having instincts of wanting to be closer to the coast and to the woods and outdoors. Of course the other obvious factor is exercise and fresh air perfect for my lungs and for oxygentating my body which is the key here.

The key to my whole life and the plan moving forward is the ten point plan. That reinforces the need to make it as hard as possible for canser to live inside my body. Let’s hope its working.


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