October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- as you all probably know. This is the month we all don pink and try to raise more funds for breast cancer charities. To remind everyone that it is the month when you wear pink; proud and loud, Pete and I decided to change our ‘drive dragons’ from being their sultry bronze to a very bright pink! Haha! We want to make sure that everyone gets involved and hopefully brings a smile to people’s faces.


IMG_3153On Friday 23rd October it s wear it pink day. Check out www.wearitpink.org and get involved and have lots of fun raising funds for breast canSer charities.

As per usual my husband my hubby and his team are chomping on the bit to get involved and will be all wearing pink, having face painting and the Great VTUK Bake Off! Move over Mary Berry; make room for the brave contestants at VTUK property solutions. I simply can’t wait to see what they come up with. The rules stipulate it has to be a cake (um, ok) it has to be pink, and it has to feature a ‘boob’! hahaha…. Go guys.

Share with us your fund raising efforts and any pictures of you guys getting involved throughout this month by posting on my facebook page; www.facebook.com/TripleNegativeBreastCancer




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  1. Dear Claire,
    I love reading your blog and it is an inspiration to many out there. I have an unofficial facebook page for people on the Care Oncology Protocol, I would love it if you could join us? You are doing so well! Keep going and best wishes, Jane xx

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