One small one still in there…..

Monday morning I had a call from Liz the CNS at St Barts. She said that they had checked out my images and that they can confirm there is a small tumour that requires blasting. She then paused…. I told her I wasn’t surprised because I saw Doc Plowman on Friday and he suspected something but couldn’t be sure. She said the date I was pencilled in for, Friday 27th, for gamma knife now couldn’t be done because the doc had other arrangements. Fine. She said that someone would be in touch in a few days to give me a new date.

I told her of dates I wasn’t available later in May but she said she believes they will want to do the procedure earlier than that. Right… all systems go. So far I haven’t heard anything so i will wait until Friday and then email Liz to get her to chase it.

I am obviously pleased that I am going to get the treatment necessary and that it will finally be gone but I am of course disappointed that there is one there and that I have to go through the treatment. The whole thought of having my head clamped with some sort of frame and them having to inject anaesthetic into my head doesn’t fill me with joy. But it is a day treatment and I should be able to go home that day and be absolutely fine. I hope.
I have been loving the warm sunny weather a little too much. I don’t want to make everyone, especially Pete, feel bad, that when he is at work I am basking in the sun. I have done some chores in the garden but I have really enjoyed lying in the heat of the sun. It’s so warm and yummy. It’s so sad though that the forecast always changes at the weekend when Pete has time to get out there but can’t. It’s sod’s law.
What else is happening?

I have got a CT scan booked in a few weeks and then I hope to get the results quickly so that I can let Nesselhut know of my status so he can decide what to treat me with next.

Pete spotted lots of info on rosehip extract recently for triple negative breast cancer. On reading the research it does look promising and can’t do any harm in taking so I have ordered some. It is doubly helpful because it is meant to be great for bones and joints. That could help my ribs and back and also Pete could take it for his joints too.

With the nights getting longer it really makes me want to do more. The problem is I get so tired at night! I put it down to exercising quite hard in the mornings and also lazing around! Ha ha!
Over the last month or so I have been helping Pete make some lifestyle changes to feel healthier. It’s really motivating to me and so great to be able to help him. So far he has lost 16lbs in weight and seems to sleep better and is much brighter. Our bodies are our temples… it’s just we forget this. Even I do.

So I’m off to the garden for the last few rays. It’s windy and clouding over, maybe this is the last of it?! Argh!

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