One to One service from the NHS.. new drugs and off to Germany! Always an adventure…

I had another early start today. I had planned on it but didn’t think I would be awake at 5am! I couldn’t sleep… that’s unlike me.

It was good though because it meant I could do all my rituals before leaving for the hospital.

Despite my appointment being at 11am I chanced it and got there early. I felt a bit of pressure as we leave for Germany today by car!

Luckily my plan worked and I was seen by a lovely nurse called Jacqui. She took me to an interview room where I was given 4 bags 9of medication! She explained fully how it all worked and when to take the tablets.

I am now on vinorelbine. The oral tablets are the same as what they would inject into to me. The up side is that I don’t take massive amounts of tablets every day. I take 100 mg on day one, day eight and day fifteen. Then I have a week off. I have blood tests 2 days before each tablet.

Jacqui explained that my immunity is likely to drop around day seven and eight. If my blood count is ever too low then I miss the next tablet. I was very impressed with this one to one service and feel confident with it all.

I had a blood test then got home as fast as possible. Pete was there ready and we got our road trip to Germany.

The trip was fine but tricky in the dark and not helped by the roads being closed but by 9pm we arrived in Dusseldorf, our half way overnight stop.

Being inquisitive we ventured to the Old Town and got a feel for the city. What a beautiful place! Made even more beautiful by all the Christmas lights… OO..


During the afternoon I noticed a lump on my arm below the point of having my bloods taken. I have amazing veins and there is no trouble finding bulbous ones to draw blood from. After a while the lump went and I am now left with a bruise on my forearm. I guess my vein has been damaged somehow. Youch!

Pete’s been great as usual. Getting us to where we need to be… On our way already to Duderstadt for our appointment to both have our bloods taken for dendritic and gamma delta cell therapy. We thought driving in the daylight would be better… um we have fog and rain Ha ha! Always an adventure!

Light and love… X

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