Plodding along nicely.. and it’s March already!

It’s March already! The evenings are staying lighter for longer and everyone seems a little more optimistic despite the heavy rain and winds and now a threat of snow.

Most days pass by quickly and I continue to wonder how did I ever fit working in? I have to admit I am a sleepy kitten still. Last weekend we made a pilgrimage to see our friends in Ireland. We don’t do it enough but there’s probably a reason. We came home tired from late nights chatting and having fun, making memories and ate a little too much and drank far too much! Haha…

With sadness we came home but not for long as we have plans in the summer to look forward to.
Our kitty meowed loudly when we walked in the door and has ever since followed us around. Our dysfunctional cat. Doesn’t like being touched and everything has to be on her terms. I love her with all my heart…. Funny little animal.

This weekend is Mother’s Day. I have plans in a few weeks for my mum but it struck me how hard it can be for so many woman suffering any kind of canSer who has had that opportunity of being a mother taken away from them. Now I am not feeling sad or ‘poor me’ about it. I certainly am not, in one respect, as I have step children (and a step grandchild! Can you believe it?! I am far too young. Haha) But I never had the opportunity to have my own. Bad timing is to blame and even if I got the all clear, I am now too old. My body doesn’t want to work as I have not had any monthly cycles for well over a year. That’s what chemo can do for you. My body is all confused!  I will never experience that unconditional love and warmth and the feelings of having my own child but instead I will cope with my fur baby. Poor kitty! Haha!

Life, this week is plodding, along nicely. I have been for one training session and felt so tired from the weekend, I was embarrassed at how little energy I had. But a good night’s sleep should never be underestimated. I was different woman yesterday. I went to a yoga class and came home with aching butt cheeks. That’s what I call a good yoga session!

My health seems pretty good. The cough is there, on and off, but I feel that the lungs are improving. I am feeling confident in myself. Next week we go to Germany for treatment with Dr Nesselhut again. It will have been 8 weeks since my last session with him. I feel a sense of relief knowing that there is more treatment inbound and that I should essentially feel quite well afterwards.

The focus for the next few months is to get strong and fit and with the longer nights Pete and I will get even more active going out for walks and training in our gym room. I am liberating more space by getting rid of some furniture to ensure we can train as much as we like.

There is always plenty of research popping up for potential treatments for triple negative breast cancer. Immunotherapy is still very much in the forefront of the news. I always want to point out though that I don’t rely just on immunotherapy. I combine all treatment. Right now I am not on chemo of any kind but I have had surgery. I do continue taking supplements and doing every element of the ten point plan.

I even got a call last night from a journalist whom did an interview with me in October 2013 and they are considering bringing that story back out again and dusting off the cobwebs by adding a few more up to date details on my current status. I did give them details to say that since then things have gotten worse and better. I think people just assume that you treat the canSer and then it goes away. With metastatic canSer of any kind it may never go away. Mostly it doesn’t for the lucky few it can. So I hang on to the hope that one day (soon!) I will be living proof of that.

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