Preparing for a week without anything canSer related….

This weekend has been really quiet and earthy. Our time has been spent pottering doing jobs and packing for our week away. It may seem to some that we are away all the time.. And I suppose we are but not always away with no responsibilities and being carefree. This week coming we are going to lounge around, have plenty of time talk, walk and think… Oh and be in love. I’ve even decided to have a week off reading about anything canSer related. I’m going to read a trashy novel and live like I mean it! Not that I don’t normally of course. I’m almost at the end of my chemo cycle so that will be nice too.

Yesterday I felt really washed out again. That’s been a few weekends in a row. I felt ‘not right’. I can’t put my finger on it. I know I was a bit poorly as I was sound asleep on Pete’s chest during one of my favourite tv shows by 9pm… I was snoring! Slept all the way through…

I feel better today although it started a bit shaky. Right now I’m the happiest kitten ever- under a duvet watching James Bond.

Pete and I have been talking a lot about raw foods and juicing this weekend. On our return he is going to do a juice fast. I’m pleased he is seeing a benefit in my diet. It really improves everyone’s lives.

So not long now till I have to say goodbye to my kitty and leave her with ‘Aunty’ for the week. She won’t miss me.. She never does. Ha ha!

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