Professor Dalgliesh’s opinion….

So on with today.. I got up feeling distressed and still can’t shift the thought of the growing of  the  canSer and all the words that keep going round in my head is ‘that it isn’t working..’


Pete wants to bash his head against the wall. I don’t blame him. I do trust what he says and he says that the lymph node is only bigger because of the dendritic cells that Prof Harris is wrong.


I do believe him but once someone says something so demolishing it’d hard to shake it off. For me the proof is in the pudding. I desperately want the canSer to go into remission.


Anyway we had a day together today. We had thought we may have an afternoon of fluffing and having a cheeky day off in London seeing the Christmas lights but what in fact did happened was that Pete went for a long overdue medical and I called Professor Dalgliesh. He was unavailable but I luckily got an appointment to see him at 5.30pm.


Pete’s appointment took until lunchtime and then we decided to get some lunch and have a chat and visit Winter Wonderland! Brilliant that really cheered me up. In true German style the Beer hall had a German singer which was highly entertaining.


Off to Prof Dalgliesh. We discussed everything with him and he said that he would happily contact Dr Nesselhut and arrange the next step with him, he is going to organise for me to see the nutritionist there to make sure I am doing everything properly and said that if I get the scans to him that he will get full reports on them as he agreed there wasn’t enough on there.


I had taken my CT scan disc with me and he seemed keen to have a look. That’s the difference is that he actually wanted to see what was on there. He said that it is all very small as too is the fluid round my heart. He thinks the lymph node which is the biggest one looks as if it is going necrotic and that it is likely inflamed from the dendritic cell treatment. He said that my body could be taking longer to react to the vaccines. Regarding chemo, he thinks capecitibine could be really good to take as it will systolically select which cells to attack and the dendritic cells will not be attacked. Now that I have had four vaccines he thinks the chemo will more effective. Also as it is an oral drug if I do not like it then I can stop taking it or reduce the dosage.


All in all a great outcome. I feel better knowing there is a plan and the Prof Dalgliesh is helping me hugely. I am still unhappy with the growth and I am so not happy about taking chemo.


A good day…

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