Progress for radiotherapy…

I have had some progress. Yesterday I was booked to see Prof Harris for my usual clinic appointment. On Monday, eager as ever I emailed all the doctors secretaries and asked about when I would be seen for radiotherapy. I was told to call the radiotherapy department. You don’t have to ask me twice. I got straight through to the lovely lady who said she had found my paper work and asked how long I had been waiting. I told her a month, true and a little bit untrue. She called me and asked if I could go in the very next day, so yesterday. Yes! It worked out perfectly combining it with Prof Harris; Two birds, one stone.

I told reception on my arrival that I was going to radiotherapy after seeing the Prof. They saw me almost immediately.

Prof was lovely. As usual. He actually said he thought going to Prof Vogl was a great idea. This surprised me a bit as I got the feeling he didn’t approve. We advised him that Prof Vogl had advised me to take capecitabine again on a very lose. He said that I should taking it immediately especially as I am going to be on radiotherapy because it can affect the results. Really? He also said it is pointless taking it when I had responded on it then it stopped working. Blimey…That was lucky then. I have stopped taking it.

He asked about me cough and I told him that I was full of snot (too much information?) and stuff. He said it was difficult to tell if they lymph nodes were improving. I also told him that my side was in agony and he remembered how it was six months ago.

We went straight from there to radiotherapy. The male nurse was nice albeit a little bit of a jobs worth and when he told us the dates for having ten days worth of treatment our hearts sank.The dates overlapped the dates for Germany to see Prof Vogl and Dr Nesselhut. Bugger…

We told the nurse and he insisted on calling Dr Oliveros. We tried to explain that it wouldn’t matter we would move the Germany dates but he said he felt he should tell her anyway! How irritating..The nurse then started saying it might mean we can’t proceed with doing the mask making and ct scan if we have to put it off! Argh!!! Seriously how annoying was this man?

We waited and decided whatever the outcome we wouldn’t be going home without the mask being made.
The nurse walked in and said that Dr Oliveros had decided giving me twice the dose over a period of five days would be just as good. What? Wow! This was even better than I expected. I didn’t want to go hospital for ten days anyway being trapped under the mask.. This was a right bonus!

Whoop! So, on we got with making the mask. This is where the male nurse actually ended up being lovely. He didn’t mean to stress us out and actually was such a kind a gentle man (Pete thinks a bit creepy! Haha). He explained what he was going to do and how the mask would feel; hot then cold and I would be in it for about 8 minutes. I was very concerned with feeling like I wanted to move and also wanting to cough. He put on calming spa like music and then stroked the contours of my face and spoke really calmly. Now as a beauty therapist this was brilliant. It was highly relaxing and I really appreciated his concern and care. What a lovely guy. He kept reassuring me and saying I was doing really well.

And that was it! The mask was made. I then had to go and have a ct scan with the mask on. This time the mask was a bit tighter and I was worried again that I would feel the urge to cough. But I held it together. Thankfully.

Overall it was a really good day. I have dates starting from tomorrow for radiotherapy and then I can go to Germany for treatment.

I have been advised about the side effects of radiotherapy; such as hair loss and dry skin, headaches and tiredness. Prof Harris said I would stay on steroids for a short while then the radiotherapy should work over a six week period. I will be scanned in December.

I am not sure how quickly hair falls out with radiotherapy but I guess I will find out soon enough! If at all…
So tomorrow it starts… I feel quite high spirited. I am feeling pretty well.

Let’s keep that going…


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