Quitting sugar in all forms for the Greater Good…..

I need to quit sugar- in every form. I have technically stopped eating processed simple sugars (well almost a few biscuits might have fallen into my mouth at the weekend when I felt a bit sick. Pete said his dad said digestive biscuits cure all sickness!) But I have to give it up in all forms including starchy vegetables, fruits, and look on every label going. I already limit those sorts of foods and I have been considering the ketogenic diet but more and more things have been popping up recently. Last night I saw  a post on the famous ‘I quit sugar 8 week program’ by Australian Sarah Wilson again and then today whilst doing my coursework for the health coach course the speaker went on and on about how sugar is so toxic and what damage it can do. It’s not like I haven’t heard it before but I am hearing, seeing and feeling the signs and I simply cannot ignore them anymore. I have been ‘very good’ for such a long time although I do have lapses (clearly!). On the whole I avoid all things sugary, starchy and so on but during the winter months I have been known to have bread, potatoes, rice and pasta albeit gluten free, dairy free and so on. But I am getting the hint that this is simply not enough and I really should address this issue with a more serious approach.

Sugar is and will always be a ‘baddy’ not just to canSer survivors but to every single human being on Earth. It’s toxic and it’s addictive. There are no two ways about it. It pains me to say I have to give it up seriously but that’s the way the cookie crumbles (Argh more sugary foods!). Even if I didn’t have canSer with all the other health implications I would seriously be considering this anyway. And whether he likes it or not, I feel Mr G may have to do it with me. I’m not being cruel in dragging him into it but we all have ailments of some sort and I believe that eliminating all sugars will be benefit us both.

For canSer survivors this could be the thing that saves their life. Sugar really does feed canSer and it sucks up as much glucose it can get its hands on, so it’s a no brainer really to do it properly.

I have a Skype meeting booked with a nutritionist next week who is going to guide me through a ketogenic diet. I already have the idea but it would be really good to get actual meal plans and ingredients that I can eat.

I have also ordered the I Quit Sugar 8 week program book. It’s full of recipes and advice on quitting sugar. I’ll let you know how I get on. Don’t expect me to be happy all the time! Poor Pete. But it’s for the greater good! (Said Hot Fuzz Styly!)

Anyone that wants advice on this please don’t hesitate in checking out this website; http://www.iquitsugar.com/8-week-program/ or alternatively contact me for advice and support.

Light and Love. (I’m going to need it!)



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