Sad news inspires me more to raise money for charity.. come on donate!

My second day of treatment went well. Finishing off my visit in Duderstadt with two more injections like last month. One in my vein so it goes immediately to my heart and the other under my skin. Our journey back to Hanover airport went well unitl we got some bad news from the UK. A firend and employee of Pete’s died suddenly yesterday morning. He had been suffering with lung cancer with bones and brain metastases. He had responded well to chemo and radiotherapy and they were considering what to do next. It’s weird as I had been thinking only that day as to how we could raise money for him to go to Germany to have treatment too. He couldn’t go before as one of the criteria is that you have had chemo and radio first. Pete saw him last Friday and he was looking and feeling fragile. His bones hurt and he was out of breath. He was looking forward to the weekend as he was having some special birthday celebrations with family. All I know is he got an infection and was rushed to hospital upon where he died yesterday morning. His birthday. Tragic. He was only 44 years old.

I haven’t known anyone well that has died before. I know lucky aren’t I? I am 37 years old and never been to a funeral. I was and am gutted… the only word I can describe. Pete and I spent a few hours at the airport letting people know and informing the staff the sad news. I spent three hours in tears. I never expected it and I didn’t know how to deal with it but I just felt so so sad. Simon was the funniest most caring man. I wasn’t sure why I was so upset but I guess that’s grief. And it’s selfish that we won’t get to see him ever again .. in this life at least.

Anyway it drives me more to get better. I have today got back into exercise and my morning rituals and this afternoon have finalised the details of the charity wish bracelets.

Collecting for cancer charities has been a challenging issue. After a great deal of research and having evaluated the benefits and gains to cancer survivors we have now chosen 2 charities to support; The Cancer Vaccine Institute and Breast Cancer Breakthrough.

We really must stress that these charities represent in our opinion the most viable research and treatment hopefully leading to a cure for cancer. Every penny you donate will be meticulously used and applied directly to specific research.

First and foremost I’m looking for volunteers who would be prepared to commit to becoming charity ambassadors and creating your own charitable initiatives.

In support of this the first thing I have done is handmade 500 ‘wish’ bracelets’ which are to be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to charities at £5 each. There are two designs to choose from and both have a Swarovski crystal.

If you would like a number of them to sell on to family, friends, colleagues, or for your own charity initiatives then please contact  me with details and your address so that I can arrange either posting or driving them to you.

Also let’s get creative; our aim is to raise £10,000 for each charity- between a 1000 followers that’s only £20 each.

With that in mind- Step up to a £1000 challenge. Make 2013 count by stepping up to Breakthrough’s £1,000 Challenge. Raise money any way, any how to help stop women dying from breast cancer. Once you hit your £1,000 target you can nominate a name of your choice to appear on the Breast Cancer Breakthrough Challengers wall in our Research Centre.

It’s simple to do all you need to do is set up a just giving page and inform me of it so that we can tot it up together. This way we will know collectively how much our cause is raising, but don’t worry you will still be able to have your own name of your choice on the challengers’ wall… If you need help let me know and I can assist…

Alternatively if you do not wish to buy a bracelet or opt for a charity event then all donations are welcome. Please go to our just giving page. Thank you for your support!

Please make donations and payments for bracelets here:


I hope you like the bracelets here they are;

Image 23-07-2015 at 12.46 (1)


I hope Simon is propped up at the bar in heaven telling some jokes..Love him. XX

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