Scan results & squeezing everything out of life…

The weeks are shifting at such a high speed. It’s now 2.30pm and I haven’t had anything since breakfast. Life is simply skating by. I am very busy with trying to help arrange Pete’s office move and refurb of the new premises. This would be so much easier if everyone wasn’t on holiday but I suppose it’s that time of year. My head is full of stuff that needs to be done and has been done, but have I done it properly? Pete is also maxed out with a million things yet we still find time to have some relaxation an fun at weekends. Luckily it has felt like quite a decent summer here so far. Last week was like being abroad again and after doing house chores (there’s always plenty of them) we sat and relaxed and listened to the cricket. Go England!

Friday Feeling

For anyone that doesn’t follow me on Facebook, I decided to spread that Friday Feeling and had a little dance to  ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. I hoped everyone would love it and that some would do their own happy dance and share it. It really made me smile and I think it may have brightened up the day for others! Here is the link to the little video. I hope it works!


Health wise I am feeling pretty good. I feel tired some days and listening to my body take myself to bed early. The next day I always feel so much better. I can’t explain the tiredness other than simply having off days. I can only assume that my bloods are low as I am on capecitabine. I keep cracking my head on things- being clumsy but the worst was finding a large spider crawling up my leg after my shower yesterday! I was bent over cleaning the shower at the time, saw the spider screamed and then cracked my head on the shower controls. Ouch! That really jarred my neck and I had neck ache all day. I went to bed early and felt just fine this morning. Clumsy Claire….


I have things booked this month. Microwave ablation for the largest tumour in my right lung to be burned. I have to say I am a little apprehensive because of puncturing my lung and it has only really just reflated. I am not convinced a new tumour as Prof Vogl says especially since having my scan results.

I have also had confirmation from Dr Nesselhut that he has bought the PDT machine from Dr Weber and will be able to offer that treatment to me now. However despite as many emails that I send asking simple questions about the procedure and trying to tie it in with my usual appointments I never seem to get the answers. Now they want me to go over, pay for more DC therapy then discuss it with him. What? I am not going all that way, paying thousands of euros to discuss the treatment with them. Honestly do they think we can drop everything and have a never ending money supply? I am now in the process of trying to organise a phone call or skype or something. It must be easier that way so I can make an informed decision and when it’s right to do if at all.

Scan results

I had a CT scan at the end of July and this week I was emailed the results. If I seem very low key about it, is because I am. The results were pretty good really. The largest tumour I have been having TACE on has reduced in size from 50mm to 23mm in one dimension but only from 56mm to 40mm in the other dimension. That’s still amazing but the scan I had here in the UK pretty much says it is the same tumour from January that was ablated. Or so they believe.

No matter what, there has been a big reduction since my last scan of that tumour. It is actually shows cavitation again. They state the lung has recovered from the partial collapse.

It says that the right lower lung lesion is stable at 24mm and the left upper lung lesion is stable at 24mm. Ummmm I didn’t think I had one in my left still. No scan has mentioned that for nearly a year or more! Well at least that is stable. You can understand why I haven’t been leaping around in joy about these results.

I also have a precarinal node which has grown slightly since my last scan from 14 x 16mm to 20 x  16mm. Bugger. However all the other lymph nodes have all reduced to a normal size again! Yay!

Some more good news is that there are no new ones anywhere else and the tumours in my spine are still sclerotic (dead) No collapse of the spine anywhere and no new lesions in the bones.

Overall a pretty good scan result I think. I am not leaping around but I probably should be. I feel great. I haven’t got any symptoms. The rib pain I get now I just deal with and I can live with it much easier than I previously did. I am disappointed that there are still active tumours and ones that had gone, have not. But as said no symptoms and no new ones. I have to take any positives.

I so wish I could have the results that say there is no evidence of disease. I have only ever come close to that once in 2013. But it soon picked itself back up and carried on growing and spreading. I only dream of getting back to that state. I really hope I can and I am doing all I think I can to do that.


I am scared about the ablation again. Not having it but how it will affect my lung. I need to fly home this time and I just hope it is safe to do. Here in the UK they told me not to fly for a few weeks, but in Germany they seem to think there isn’t an issue. Argh, who to believe?

I have to make my own decisions and go for it and I really don’t want to stop now. I have got to keep on top of this and keep batting it back. It’s hard to stay focussed and it’s hard not to ask questions and talk to Pete and others about it all the time. At least all the busyness recently has taken my mind off of it, a little bit.

Today I am getting all sorts tied up. We are having a last minute romantic getaway together. A lovely short break with the Bear. It probably isn’t the best time but I am really happy to be going somewhere warm and I plan on trying to chill out as much as possible. It may not be that easy where we are going!

Anyway it’s to sign off and have a magnesium bath and coffee enema.

Muchos Love to you all! Mwah!



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