‘Shrooms.. the power house of beating canSer…

Well what a bumpy few days it has been. Last week was lovely but I felt really tired through not sleeping and spraining my ankle by falling off the mini trampoline stressed me out no end.

Then off we go for a really early start to Germany and on having treatment have a very bizarre reaction to the gamma delta serum. Well that’s what they think. Until they have done research that’s what we are lead to believe. I felt really rough and very distressed at the time. I kept pulling faces to bear whilst the doctor’s backs were turned. Bless him. He was all wide eyed. All I know was that I didn’t like it and I was scared.

Then on arriving home I go and get a stinking cold! Argh… I thought oh its fine I can handle a little head cold. I have blitzed these out of the park before they really take hold. No such luck. I am full to the brim with a blocked nose, plenty of mucus and my worse scenario, a chesty cough.

I won’t let it beat me. I have this morning continued as normal with my routine and that included exercise. I know the importance of exercise on keeping canSer at bay. So against all my bodily instincts I bounced and boxed. I then did a coffee enema and used the neti pot. It was a bit hard having blocked sinuses but I think it has actually helped loosen everything up.

I had a call from the DTU at my hospital informing me that my blood test came back fine and I am good to continue with chemo tomorrow. I told them I was feeling grotty but they said as long as I haven’t had a fever then its fine to continue.

I am working as hard as possible to get rid of this lurgy. I am drinking cold busting juices of ginger, apple, and lemon as well as loading up on green juices with supplements and powders.

I have, during all this, been doing homework for the nutrition course. It is really interesting at present as we are focussing on the vegan diet and I also watched a lecture on nutrition and canSer. It couldn’t be more appropriate for me. One thing really stood out and that is how important mushrooms are for fighting canSer. I already knew they were good having been prescribed reishi and chaga which are the king and queen of antioxidants. But I also find out that the regular button mushroom is also beneficial and that mushrooms as a whole can stop angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the process where new blood vessels are grown and this is how tumours grow by producing more blood vessels. Well mushrooms stop this from happening and prevent abnormal cells from obtaining blood they need to replicate and grow.  Crazy right? But amazing! This is where you have to be careful with diets. The ph miracle says that mushrooms are one of the worst acid forming foods there is. Well thankfully I decided not to take any notice of this and went with my gut when prescribed mushrooms. I have also been prescribed coriolus and cordyceps. Well I am in… and mushrooms are delicious and now I can’t get enough of them!

This week is pretty busy but my main is for my ankle to get better and stop the bruising and to get rid of this annoying cold. Mission accepted.

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