Ssshhh, today’s the Bears birthday. He wanted to keep it quiet!

11350513_10152913758522061_1394559511109237082_nToday is my Bears birthday… Unlike me, he wanted to keep it quiet and not celebrate. (He said he has had enough of celebrating! Haha) He said this year was all about me… Just like every other year! I make sure everyone knows it’s my birthday but Pete is such an understated individual. All his work and dedication, his loyalty, passion, drive and constant love and thought for others…. That is the kind of man who stands beside me. He is an honourable, kind person. All the times when everyone has congratulated me and says how strong I have been. I am not. It is Pete who is. He continues to support me and keeps me on the right tracks and let’s face it, he gives me this amazing life. He has allowed me to continue to stay well without the stress of having to work every day and he works so hard coming up with the funds for more treatment abroad. I mean, seriously, I wouldn’t be here without him. There aren’t many of these people out there. I was lucky enough to find myself a ‘Bear’. Girls, if you find a Bear then hang onto him!


You know being a Bear keeper isn’t that easy. With all the good stuff does naturally mean you have some times when the Bear rages and is upset. But most times I understand why he is upset. It’s normally when people take advantage of his good nature, when they are not loyal and when they really push the boundaries of his friendship and principles.

Would you believe that even through hard times such as we have experienced over the past five years (for me but many more for Pete), that there have been people who have stolen, lied and hurt him?

There are many examples I could give but I think the best ones have to be someone pretending to have a chronic disease that would be life changing, only to find out they were lying. Or those who Pete has taken care of and then they decide to rip him off and not only take money but clients that Pete has worked really hard for over the last twenty years, to build up.

You see the thing is, most people are kind hearted and thoughtful but it seems there are so many people around, that despite others circumstances are really only out for themselves. I am not expecting people to pity those who are having a hard time because at some point or another we will all have some hardship of some kind, but sometimes this life really does make me wonder. I actually don’t know how those kinds of people live with themselves and quite frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves and do the right thing. But then what am I talking about? The world has gone crazy, hasn’t it?!


Maybe this is why Pete has decided to try and keep his birthday quiet, well at least he has decided not to throw a huge party or anything. I will do my best this evening to make him feel warm and fluffy and loved beyond belief. He wouldn’t let me buy him any presents, so he will just have to be smothered with kitty love instead!


In a few days we have more excitement coming our way in the form of our Irish friends coming to visit. This is going to be another very memorable weekend then it is back to business. Firstly I have an MRI and CT scan booked, then we are off to Frankfurt to see Prof Vogl for two TACE sessions!

Then hopefully the following week we will be off to Duderstadt for more immunotherapy. I am still waiting to hear from Nesselhuts’ PA but I have everything crossed as usual they sort it out.

At the end of all of that I get my results for the scans to find out what has been going on in there.
I didn’t want to wait to find out results before having treatment. I just feel sometimes even if things are looking pretty good its best to get cracking and keep this devil down.

Right now I am sitting overlooking my flowering courtyard and feeling so very grateful for this life. I started Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge yesterday and am trying to follow his lessons daily. If you want to join me you can get the app for your phone and access it anywhere;

This year is flying and I am hoping it will continue to stay awesome.
Everyone says I am an inspiration. I don’t agree. Pete, my Bear, is an inspiration. You’d be lucky to know one. Light and Love. X






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