Sun, sea and girly chats

This weekend has been a weekend with the girls. Both Pete and I spent the weekend with our ‘bessies’. The boys went off on the boat and no doubt had lots of banter and laughs, whilst us girls chilled in Poole. Saturday the weather was amazing so we spent our time walking on the beach, watching people, getting plenty of vitamin D and unusually there were lots of butterflies. I took that as a positive sign, angels whatever you want to call it. I am bagging anything I can get!

The afternoon we spent grazing on vegan foods and discussing almost everything – it was nice to express how I’m feeling and found that my friends feel I am being too hard on myself. The constant need to feel like I am getting everything done and seeing things that should be every day rituals as chores and putting more pressure on myself rather than going with the flow. My friend Emma has loaned me her book, ‘Dont sweat the small stuff’. At a glance it is so me. In todays society we just keep loading ourselves with more and more commitments and anxiety increases causing symptoms such as stress, irritable bowel syndrome and so on. A lesson so many of us should learn is to not sweat the small stuff and learn that let life flow. That is essential in dealing with cancer and even preventing cancer I believe.

I indulged in some ‘bubbles’ and let my hair down (so to speak). Proper girly togetherness is so soulful. I think it is a must for every relationship to have down time with their friends. I have to admit though I missed my Bear at night. Back home now and planning the week ahead. Pete looks tired but has a wry smile on his face with memories of the weekend. ‘What happens on ‘Sunny’ stays on ‘Sunny’!’ Off to Germany Tuesday for my next round of immunotherapy. I have a feeling of excitement as I really want to believe that the treatment is working but I want it to work fast!

Time to catch up some Bear cuddles.

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